The Definition of Teppanyaki


Teppanyaki Defined Teppanyaki refers to a dish of veggies, fish, and meat that is prepared using a large griddle that is commonly built into the table of diners. The term teppanyaki comes from teppan, meaning iron plate, and yaki, meaning grilled, pan-fried, or broiled. Teppanyaki is considered a live kitchen cooking method, wherein the chef prepares the dish in […]

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Teppanyaki or Plancha Grill

Teppanyaki Plancha grill plate

Grilling started after the domestication of fire around 500,000 years ago. This is a process of cooking food using a significant amount of direct dry heat that is usually situated below or above. This process is commonly used to cook vegetables and meat. Grilling is popular in several places all over the world, such as […]

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Teppanyaki Grill for home

cooking at home with the teppanyaki grill

Now you can bring the style of Japanese Cuisine to your home with a mind-blowing invention – Teppanyaki Grill. Used worldwide by domestic cooks and chefs alike, the large cooking area of this Teppanyaki grill allows multiple ingredients to be cooked at the same time. Undoubtedly, this is useful for a variety of meals. It […]

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