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Best Meat Grinder America’s Test Kitchen & Cook’s Illustrated

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Traditionally, those who would like to enjoy dishes of ground meat or fish have to resort to the manual way of using a knife – this is not only time-consuming, but also does not guarantee an optimal result. With recent advances in technology, however, things have become much easier – thanks to the introduction of meat grinders. Best meat grinders Nowadays, there are countless models from numerous brands available for you to choose from. Hence, those looking for the best meat grinders may find it tricky to find one. If you happen to be one of them, this guide is meant for you. Read on – and you shall find 10 top picks, along with a few useful buying tips.

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Reviews of Best Meat Grinder America’s Test Kitchen & Cook’s Illustrated

Best meat grinder america’s test kitchen: KitchenAid Food Grinder

This is one of the best meat grinders from KitchenAid – mainly due to the flexibility it offers to cooking gurus. Thanks to the powerful motor featured, its use is not only limited to ground meat – you can make use of it while preparing other dishes, such as bread crumbs and salsa. With KitchenAid Food Grinder, you can now enjoy your favorite burger/ meatloaf on a daily basis. The product is compatible with other stand mixers from KitchenAid. Within the food grinder, you will find other attachments – including knife, auger, grind plate, securing ring, etc. Pros:
  • Durable plastic component.
  • High-quality coarse plate.
  • Two grind sizes for more optimal grinding results.
  • Capable of grinding a variety of foods – including meat, bread, vegetable, fruit, and cheese.
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  • Not very good in terms of grinding fatty meat.
  • Gristles often stick to the cutter – so you should clean the cutter regularly while grinding for more efficiency.
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LEM Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

If you are looking for the best electric meat grinder, LEM Big Bite will surely not disappoint you. The meat pan’s measurement is more than 12 inches – hence, the whole thing is capable of grinding more meat within less time. To be specific, the approximate grinding capacity is 7 lbs/minute. The whole set includes a meat stomper, knife, 3 plates, 3 tubes, pan and plate extractor. In addition, there’s a tray for you to store knives and plates. Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel material, you may expect it to last – and remain elegant-looking – for years. Pros:
  • Stainless steel material for long-lasting lifespan.
  • 0.5 horsepower.
  • Extended auger for more grinding efficiency.
  • Less noise produced.
  • 5 year warranty policy.
  • Some have complained that this one does not have a reverse option, which you may find helpful while grinding foods such as chicken and duck necks.
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STX-4000-TB2 Turboforce II Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer

With the output power capable of reaching 2000 Watts, STX-4000-TB2 is one of the best home meat grinder – especially when you need to handle the toughest type of meat. What’s more, you don’t have to be worried about the risk of lifespan reduction – the Air cooling feature will take care of the system after grinding and revert everything to its normal state soon. STX-4000-TB2 comes with a foot pedal, which allows you to operate the machine hand sans. Thanks to the size #12 grinding head, you should be able to grind more meat within less time. With black and white as the main theme – along with the chrome accents, STX-4000-TB2 should match your existing appliances and constitute an invaluable part of your kitchen. Pros:
  • Stainless steel material.
  • 2000-watt output power and 3-speed setting for maximum versatility.
  • Foot pedal control for easier operation.
  • Air cooling feature for preventing overheat and improving product lifespan.
  • The machine is a little bit loud.
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KENOME Metal Food Grinder for KitchenAid Stand Mixers

Another meat grinder from KitchenAid – this one is designed with 2 differently sized sausage stuffer tubes, as well as 4 grinding plates. This provides users with a lot of versatility in terms of preparing their favorite dishes. Thanks to the large food tray, loading food into the machine should be no problem at all. KENOME Food Grinder is one of the best meat grinders for those who need to prepare fresh ground meat for their favorite meatloaf, burger, spaghetti, etc. Its heavy-duty metal component means that you may benefit from it for the years to come. Last but not least, all parts are detachable, so you may find cleaning a much simpler task. Pros:
  • Good price.
  • Compatible with all stand mixers from KitchenAid.
  • Durable metal component.
  • Efficient, speedy grinding.
  • Detachable parts for easy cleanup.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • The sausage stuffer is a little bit slow.
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Sunmile SM-G73 Electric Meat Grinder

Sunmile has long been known as a top-notch provider of the best home meat grinders – and this one is no exception. SM-G73 is made from stainless steel, while the capacity tray and grinder head are in aluminum. This material combination results in a heavy-duty product that can withstand the pressure from grinding different meat types. With a power range from 600-1000W, the machine is capable of grinding as high as 185lbs/ hour. This, in combination with the large tray, allows users to handle a large amount of meat at the same time. Thanks to the featured ON/OFF button and safety switch, even newbies should have no problem operating the meat grinder. Pros:
  • High power range (600-1000W) for powerful grinding.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum materials.
  • 3 cutting plates for improved versatility.
  • Dishwasher safe for more convenience.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Simple operation with ON/OFF button, safety circuit breaker.
  • 1-year warranty policy.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • A little bit noisy.
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KITOART Meat Grinder, Sausage Stuffer

KITOART is an irresistible choice for cooking gurus who would like to enjoy endless creativity. It has everything you need to play around with your recipe book – 3 grinding plates (fine, medium, and coarse), sausage stuffing holder, 2 stuffer tubes, and 2 differently sized grinding blades. No matter what type of food that needs handling – be it hard cheese, sausage, raw meat, bread crumbs, etc., KITOART will get you covered all! With a combination of superior speed, grinding capacity and durability, KITOART is definitely one of the best meat grinders. The whole thing is easy to assemble, and will stay in place well once attached. One brush is included to make cleaning a lot simpler. Pros:
  • Compatible with all stand mixers from KitchenAid.
  • High-quality aluminum alloy material.
  • Safe for health.
  • Pre-chill grinder.
  • Various attachments (plates, sausage stuffing holders and tubes) for unmatched versatility.
  • Removable parts for easy cleanup.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
Check prices and availability here

BBday Electric Meat Grinder

BBday Electric Meat Grinder is capable of reaching a maximum output power of 1200W – this, alone, provides cooking gurus with a lot of flexibility. Combined with the powerful copper motor, the machine is the perfect choice when you need to prepare various types of food – including meat, fruits, vegetables, garlic, etc. What’s more, it features a noise reduction engine – which perfectly solves one common problem that most meat grinders have. With multiple accessories included (3 grinding plates, 1 grinding blade and food pusher), BBday Electric Meat Grinder is truly a multifunctional machine that is well worth the investment. You can take advantage of it to prepare flavorful sausages, meatballs and burgers – in a simple and efficient way. All components are detachable, so cleanup should not be too problematic. Pros:
  • 1200W max power.
  • Noise reduction engine featured.
  • Food-grade materials – stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and PP7.
  • Multiple accessories for maximum versatility.
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble.
  • 12-month warranty policy.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • The base is a little bit too lightweight, so be careful handling it.
Check availability here

Weston Manual Meat Grinder

This one is one of the best meat grinders – especially for those who are in love with sausages. The whole set includes an adapter, spacer, as well as 3 funnels of different sizes (14, 19, 24 mm). With such appliances, you may now prepare numerous types of sausage. The burrs are adjustable – hence, you are in complete control of the power and can adjust it depending on the specific meat type. Thanks to the clamp-on design, you may easily attach Weston meat grinder to any countertop for maximum convenience. During the grinding process, the rubber pads feature will act to reduce friction and prevent damage to the machine. Pros:
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel component.
  • 2 cutting plates.
  • Rubber pads to reduce friction and extend the product’s lifespan.
  • Large opening (3 x 4 inches).
  • Multiple accessories.
  • Adjustable burrs.
  • Simple assembling and cleanup.
  • Ergonomic handle for effortless operation.
  • The clamp is a little bit big.
  • Not very suitable for grinding a large amount of meat at the same time.
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Kitchener Electric Meat Grinder

Kitchener meat grinder is the must-have tool for those who aspire to be true “kitcheners”. It is one of the best home meat grinders in terms of durability – with the gears, knife and meat pan all made from high-quality metal (stainless steel and aluminum). What’s more, efficiency is also another selling point – in fact, the motor is capable of grinding as many as 330lbs/hour (i.e: 5.5lbs/minute); in addition, it is also able to grind stuffs such as bones with ease. Thanks to the gear-driven design, Kitchener meat grinder’s grinding capacity is now lifted up to a whole new level. As the switch is waterproof, users should be completely safe while operating this machine. One you are done, feel free to detach the pan for cleanup. Pros:
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel design.
  • Rustproof and waterproof.
  • Powerful motor that is capable of grinding as many as 330lbs/hour.
  • Removable pan for easy cleanup.
  • Multiple accessories for maximum convenience.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Cleaning the inside part requires you to use a brush for scrubbing.
Check prices and availability here

LHS Manual Meat Grinder

For those who are tired of electric meat grinders and would prefer to prepare their favorite dishes of sausage or meatball manually, this one from LHS is one of the best meat grinders for them. The product features a meat pusher – so you can place your meat into the grinder with ease. With 2 differently sized cutting plates, users can now go for either coarse or fine grinding depending on their taste. Thanks to the transparent plastic material, it should be simple to keep track of your meat’s texture. As both blades are placed within the grinder, even newbies should have no reason to be afraid while operating this machine. On occasions when you are going on a trip, LHS meat grinder’s delicate design makes sure that it can be included as a more-than-welcome part of your traveling package. Pros:
  • No electricity required.
  • Durable plastic and stainless steel materials.
  • Grind all types of meat with ease.
  • Robust suction base.
  • Large hopper for more grinding capacity.
  • Safe to use.
  • Ergonomic handle for effortless handling.
  • The plastic chamber is not detachable – so cleaning might be a little bit troubling.
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Meat grinder Buying guide

Before you make a purchase, there are 3 major factors that you need to consider:
  • -Power source
Today, most meat grinders available are electric ones designed for efficient grinding. If such a thing is what you desire, an electric meat grinder is preferable. However, for “old-fashioned” people who would like to enjoy the thrill of preparing meat in a manual way, you’d better consider a manual meat grinder.
  • -Versatility
As mentioned above, the best meat grinders are generally not only limited to grinding meat – most of them may also be used to prepare other dishes such as sausages, vegetables, fruits, etc. The more multifunctional one is, the more expensive. If all you care about is grinding chili meat, look for one with as few additional attachments as possible. On the other hand, for cooking gurus who would appreciate a high amount of versatility, go with the other way around.
  • -Meat quantity
Last but not least, you also need to take into consideration the amount of meat that needs to be processed at a time. If it’s only about 8-10 pounds, a smaller, cheaper model will work fine. Otherwise, a bigger one with a higher output power should be the way to go.


Why should I care grinding my own meat? It takes time – and efforts – to grinding meat yourself than to buy ground meat from a grocery store. However, there are still a lot of benefits to do it on your own.
  • -Better flavor: Grinding meat yourself means you are in control of everything – the type of meat, the amount of cutting, etc. – and can adjust them to fit your personal taste. For newbies, all you need is guidance – online and offline – as well as a little bit hands-on experience. Not to mention, you can immediately enjoy the meat you grind for more freshness – instead of hoping that the preground meat you buy at the store is just recently prepared.
  • -Better for health: As stated before, grinding meat yourself means you know where your food come from – unlike prepackaged meat that may come from unknown origin.
  • Boosting self-esteem: Well, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? The feeling of accomplishing things by yourself without anyone’s help – that should be enough reason to stop wondering.
For further details, this video about the best meat grinder america’s test kitchen may shed some light into it. How do I use a meat grinder? Firstly, you need to keep all meat-grinding stuffs cold (preferably in a freezer) at least one hour before use. The purpose is to prevent meat smearing the grinder’s interior – as well as to ensure the best meat texture possible. Sometimes, you may need to trim the meat before grinding – especially if you own a manual or cheaper electric meat grinder. While grinding, make sure to follow the instructions carefully. For burgers, it’s generally advisable to grind the meat twice. In addition, avoid adding salt and other types of seasoning until the grinding process is finished – in order to retain the flavor.


A high-quality meat grinder constitutes an essential part of the kitchen – with one, you can now prepare your favorite dishes of sausage, meatball, as well as many other recipes with ease. For those who are looking for the best meat grinder, we hope that the above reviews and buying guide should prove helpful to you. Well, best of luck on your cooking journey!

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