Best okonomiyaki recipes: try these different types today!

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Okonomiyaki can be made in lots of different ways with different types of toppings and batter.

Here is our collection of the most popular and best-tasting okonomiyaki recipes!

Best okonomiyaki recipes
Authentic okonomiyaki aonori and pickled ginger recipe
Delicious savory Japanese pancakes you can top with a lot of your favorite meats and fish!
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Easy Okonomiyaki recipe you can make at home
Okonomiyaki With Noodles Hiroshima Recipe
This Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is meant to be flipped over, creating a delicious layered pancake filled with crunchy toppings, and it's a bit easier to eat than other okonomiyaki.
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Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki (Layered okonomiyaki) recipe

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Okonomiyaki cooking tips

Making a perfect okonomiyaki shouldn’t be that hard, but there are a few key points to take note of:

How thick should okonomiyaki batter be?

Okonomiyaki batter should not be too thick. Use 1 fluid oz of water (or dashi) to every 1 oz of flour. Make the batter fluffy by refrigerating it for 2 hours before using, and spread the batter across the pan so the pancakes will be around 0.8 inches thick.

What is okonomiyaki batter made of?

Okonomiyaki batter is traditionally made from a combination of flour, water, eggs, and grated yam. However, there are many variations on this basic recipe. Oftentimes dashi, a savoury stock that gives umami to Japanese dishes is used instead of water.

How do you not burn okonomiyaki?

The trick to not burning your okonomiyaki is to grill on medium heat so the bottom gets crispy but then move it to low heat to let it cook the ingredients on top. Okonomiyaki is served on the teppan grill near the guest, that’s where the heat is lowest, and it still keeps warm, but you should eat it immediately.

Why does my okonomiyaki fall apart?

If you’re having trouble with the okonomiyaki falling apart, it’s because of the cabbage in the batter. Having a slightly thicker batter might help, or cutting up the cabbage into smaller pieces so there’s more of the batter around each piece.

How do you keep okonomiyaki warm?

At a restaurant, okonomiyaki is served on the teppan grill so it will keep warm while you eat it hot off the plate. At home, you can serve it on a plate is you are going to eat it immediately or put it on a plate on top of a small electric or candle heater so it will keep warm.

How do you know when okonomiyaki is cooked?

The outside edges of the okonomiyaki should be firm, that’s when you know you can flip it over to cook the other side. The bottom edges should also become firm after a few more minutes of grilling the other side. Flip it over again and check if your meat is cooked through. Then it should be cooked.

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