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The Best Potato Ricer America’s Test Kitchen

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Having a bowl of delectable, silky mashed potatoes has never been easier with a potato ricer.  With various types of potato ricers available, it definitely takes a lot of your time to find the right one. Guess what? We got what you want right here. Don’t look any further and start reading this Best potato ricer reviews by America’s Test Kitchen!


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What Is A Potato Ricer?

A potato ricer is simply a kitchen appliance that helps you make fluffy mashed potatoes.

From a quick glance, this little tool basically consists of a plunger connecting to handles, a hopper (or a basket), and inside the hopper, a small plate that has multiple holes.

The plunger will be pushed down to force the potato out through the plate’s multiple holes by squeezing the handles, which then makes perfectly fluffy mashed potatoes. If you wonder about the name “ricer,” it’s because those tiny holes make potatoes into pieces as small as a grain of rice.

Reviews of The Best Potato Ricer America’s Test Kitchen, Cooks illustrated

Evaluating the best potato ricer requires more aspects than just mashing potatoes until fluffy and smoothy. The following section will show you which key features we should take into consideration.

Chef’n FreshForce Potato Ricer Press – Best America’s Test Kitchen

Coming first on our list is Chef’n FreshForce, which requires the least power to squeeze the potatoes. It’s because of an additional gear mechanism added to this tool that makes things so effortless.

Although the plastic design (except for the hopper made with stainless steel) gives us a flimsy feeling, indeed, Chef’n did take its product’s overall performance into consideration. The plastic design makes it the lightest potato ricer, plus the gear mechanism, you can mash potatoes just with 1 handhold and without using much force.

An additional point to this FreshForce ricer is the ease when cleaning it. The stainless steel hopper can be removed so you can easily take it out and rinse with water.

In exchange for all of the convenient features, this ricer’s cost is surely the highest on our list. So, if money is no object, we suggest you should add this little gadget to your collection.


  • Lightweight
  • Effortless squeezes
  • Easy to clean


  • Most expensive

Check the latest prices here

RSVP International (SPUD) Potato Ricer Mash Potatoes, Fruits, Vegetables – Best For Budget

In contrast with the Chef’n FreshForce, the RSVP International (SPUD) is 100% within your budget since it’s the cheapest potato ricer on this list.

This model comes with an interesting feature: 2-sized stainless steel plates: medium and coarse. If you’re bored with finely mashed potatoes, you can try to make it coarser sometimes.

The plates, of course, are removable so you will find it no problem to clean up after mashing potatoes.

RSVP International also designs its ricer with a pot extension which is a great idea. In case you want to collect mashed potatoes neatly or do other stuff, you can put the ricer steadily over a pot or a bowl.

What we don’t like about this tool is that it’s made from plastic. It will feel a little flimsy when you use it. For most people who don’t cook frequently, a temporary ricer with a low price is a good choice.


  • Cheap
  • 2 different choice to mash: fine and coarse
  • Easy to clean


  • A little flimsy

Check prices and availability here

Tundras B078RWHNKT Stainless Steel Potato Ricer – Best For Versatility

Unlike its 2 competitors, this Tundras potato ricer is made with stainless steel, giving us a stronger and more durable gadget.

It is designed to be even more advanced than the RSVP with its 3-sized plates: fine, medium, and coarse. You can try out as many recipes as you want with the 3 different choices.

Talking about removable plates, we quickly notice how easy it is to clean the ricer as well. Those plates, however, aren’t attached firmly to the hopper. Mashed potatoes will stick to them, so sometimes, when you pull the plunger out, the plates will come out along with a layer of mashed potatoes as well.

Another minor thing if you may notice is that metal handles will hurt your palm when you use it many times in a row. Hence, you should wrap a towel around the handles before using it.


  • Sturdy with stainless steel design
  • Multiple size choices to make mashed potatoes
  • Easy to clean


  • Too hard handles
  • Issue with removable plates

Check the latest prices here

MyLifeUNIT B07236HSVW Commercial Potato Ricer and Masher – Best For Efficiency

The next ricer we would like to recommend is MyLifeUNIT. This gadget is famous for making a large amount of mashed potatoes in a short time.

MyLifeUNIT has a smart design compared to other ricers. The hopper has a 3D triangle shape with 2 faces working as the plates, which likely makes mashed potatoes double.

Although it doesn’t have removable plates, it can be disassembled into 2 parts. Besides, combined with stainless steel material, it’s not only durable but also easy for us to clean.

Nevertheless, this ricer bears the same drawback as the Tundras, its handles are rather uncomfortable. Thus, be sure to wear a glove or wrap the handles with a cloth when you try to make a big bowl of fluffy potatoes.


  • Smart design to make a large amount of mashed potatoes
  • Sturdy stainless steel design
  • Easy to clean


  • Too hard handles

Check prices and availability here

Bellemain B07YCS31SQ Stainless Steel Potato Ricer – Best For Both Versatility And Durability

The Bellemain is likely an upgraded version of Tundras B078RWHNKT in terms of versatility. With 3 different plates delivering 3 levels of fineness of mashed potatoes, you will find them really helpful to cook various meals.

Of course, same as Tundras, this ricer also has a problem with those removable plates. Despite this small hiccup, some may have no problem with it and consider it a worthwhile purchase.

What makes it better is the thick and high-quality stainless steel material. 1.86 pounds isn’t just a number. Bellemain’s heaviest weight also makes it the sturdiest ricer as you can feel when holding it in your hand.

Like RSVP, it is designed with an extended knob so you can put it over the bowl if needed.

The only trouble we will have is the handle’s sharp edges. Regardless of the soft silicones on the handles, many have complained that they get cut for the first time using Bellemain ricer. So please be careful with them!


  • The sturdiest ricer
  • Multiple size choices with 3-sized plates
  • Soft handles
  • An extended knob to hold the ricer


  • Sharp edges of the handles

Check prices here

Priority Chef B00MUEHPGQ Potato Ricer and Masher – Runner-Up

The Priority Chef can be a good choice for you, thanks to its durability and convenience.

Similar to the previous ricer, the stainless steel material ensures its durability. The extended soft knob prevents the gadget from slipping when being placed over the bowls.

You will not get hurt with the soft handles and rounded edges of Priority Chef ricer.

Since this tool is made from a single piece of metal, there will be a 1-sized plate to produce the finest silky potatoes. While many people get used to 3 interchangeable plates, this type is also preferred for not having easily falling-off plates.

This tool’s only downside is that it is a bit stiff, thus requiring much more force to squeeze the handles. If you don’t mind a small exercise while cooking, no option is better than the Priority Chef!


  • Sturdy
  • Soft handles
  • An additional knob to hold the ricer steadily


  • Stiff equipment requires more strength

Check the latest prices here

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Ricer – Best Overall

Our winner today goes to the OXO Potato Ricer, a perfect fit for any homemaker.

OXO has been a reliable kitchenware brand, and its products are known to be high standard and durable. Made of high-quality stainless steel with a smooth polished surface, the OXO potato ricer will not let you down when it comes to sturdiness.

OXO potato ricer’s head has a soft knob with a slip-resistant texture. This knob will hold the ricer firmly onto the bowl, in which you want to collect the mashed potatoes.

The soft handles and the easy-to-squeeze handles together allows you to enjoy the process of mashing potatoes.

Nevertheless, it’d bring better performance if it has a bigger capacity to put in order to make more mashed potatoes like MyLifeUNIT B07236HSVW.


  • Sturdy
  • Soft handles
  • Easy to use
  • Non-slip knob


  • Limited capacity

Check availability here

Potato Ricer Buying Guide

What Is A Potato Ricer Used For

If you have cooked gnocchi or baby food, this gadget can’t be more familiar to you. Yet, little did you know that many current models are designed to mash other types of food and fruits as well. In the best potato ricer reviews above, all of the models can be used for these additional purposes.

For example, besides potatoes, it can mash other vegetables such as cauliflower or carrots. It’s also possible to use it with cooked tomatoes and apples to make sauces. We can even press small sliced fruit such as grape, lemon into fresh fruit juices.

How Does A Potato Ricer Work

A potato ricer basically contains a plunger connecting to 1 of the 2 handles. A hopper (or a basket) is attached to another handle and has a small plate inside with multiple holes.

When you put peeled and cooked potatoes into the hopper, the plunger will be pushed down to force the potato out through multiple holes of the small plate by squeezing the handles.


Going through our Best Potato Ricer Reviews again, we have 3 best proposals for you:

  • OXO Good Grips – best overall in term of durability and ease of use
  • Chef’n FreshForce – if you prefer to use a smooth and effortless potato ricer
  • MyLifeUNIT B07236HSVW – if you favor making a lot of mashed potatoes at a time

We believe these 3 options are the best in their own aspect. Don’t hesitate! Let’s get one for yourself and enjoy mashed potatoes in your favorite way.

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