Dashi For Udon: which to use and how to get it

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  December 17, 2020

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When it comes to making Japanese dishes, dashi is a critical component to include. Udon is no exception to this fact.

Since Udon is basically ramen only with thicker noodles it makes sense that dashi would be included in the recipe.

But when you are making udon the first step is to make sure you have the dashi you need. How do you accomplish this?

Dashi for udon

Can I make the dashi?

Yes, that is certainly an option. If you have all the ingredients you need, you can make the dashi for your udon. However, this process can be time-consuming.

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Where can I find dashi?

If you want to save time when you are making udon, your best bet is to simply buy the dashi. Luckily dashi comes premade in a variety of forms. Usually, when you buy it premade you will be getting the instant dashi powder. There are several places you can buy dashi. Sometimes your local grocery store will have an Asian aisle. The selection will vary but this is usually a great place to start your search.

However, if you find that the selection at your grocery store is lacking you can try specialty stores. There are grocery stores out there that focus specifically on selling Asian products and usually, these kinds of stores will have a much larger selection to choose from. Though these stores aren’t particularly common, they are practically guaranteed to have what you need.

Can I get dashi online?

Yes, you can! There are websites out there that sell instant dashi powder and other similar products. If you’d prefer to limit the online stores that you shop at, there is always Amazon and the impressive selection of non-perishable foods and ingredients that they offer. Of course, if you are in a rush to get your dashi then online shopping is not the best option since it will take a day or two to arrive.

How much dashi should I use when I make udon?

The amount is going to vary based on the recipe and how much you are making. The more udon you make, the more dashi you will need for the stock. If you are uncertain about how much to make, consult the directions on the container for your instant dashi. If that doesn’t provide you any information, the recipe you are following for making udon will likely tell you exactly how much you need.

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