Do You Eat Takoyaki Hot or Cold? Hot is best, cold is feasible

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  November 15, 2020

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When eating takoyaki, be careful. Typically, it is served directly after it has been cooked on the grill, so it will be very hot. In order to eat takoyaki safely, you should wait 4 or 5 minutes for it to cool down to a more suitable temperature. The tradition is, however, to eat them very hot.

If you prefer the octopus balls the be piping hot, poke a hole into the side of it and allow for some of the steam to escape so you can test it and eat it more easily.

After around 1 minute it should have cooled down enough to consume it. Try a small section to test before having the whole thing to prevent from burning your mouth or tongue.

Do you eat takoyaki hot or cold

Takoyaki is a popular form of Japanese treat, commonly found (or most popularly found), in food stalls during summer festivals, especially in Osaka.

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This snack is delicious whether it is hot or cold, and can be eaten in both ways depending on personal preferences. It makes for a useful food supply to have with you when you are on the go with friends or family.

In restaurants, traditionally they would be served hot. However, there is nothing to say that you cannot leave them out to eat when they are cold.

Takoyaki can come with a range of dipping sauces that will alternate the flavor to sweeter, or saltier, which in turn may also impact your temperature decision.

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However, the taste of the actual takoyaki is savory with flavors of salt and kemp, giving a soft and moist texture when you bite into it.

Takoyaki is otherwise known as ‘octopus balls’, originally invented in Osaka where it continues to remain widely popular and pronounced as their soul food.

If you were to directly translate it into English then it would be ‘octopus roast’. As the demand grew, it was established amongst many restaurants and now also commercial stores, or supermarkets.

There are numerous different topping ideas for takoyaki to choose from so you can vary a bit.

Generally, if you were going to buy takoyaki from a store you would find them in a packet and in cold portions. It is safe however to reheat them once you have returned home.

Check the cooking details to guide you on the best methods and advised temperature levels they need to reach. But, they are edible straight from the packet to be eaten when you are out and about as well.

In conclusion, hot or cold are both valid options for consumption. The option is really up to the consumer themselves.

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