How often do Japanese eat Ramen? Breakfast & dinner habits

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Ramen is a big part of the diet of most Japanese people, due to its delicious taste and ready availability.

To understand how often Japanese have ramen, it is a great idea to equate ramen to the ‘fast food’ available in the United States.

How often do Japanese eat ramen

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Ramen Consumption Per Month

Since ramen differs from region to region within Japan, the amount of its consumption varies across the country.

As there are many different kinds of ramen that are available in a variety of different manners, the trend for eating them differs greatly.

However, generally speaking, the average Japanese man consumes ramen at least once a month.

Usual Times for Eating Ramen

Ramen is a simple dish, and can be eaten any time of the day. However, there are some times during which the most amount of people consume ramen in Japan. Here is a list in order of frequency.

After Work Hours

It has been established that ramen is a favorite thing to consume in Japan. Usually ramen is considered a good choice for a quick dinner after a long day at work. There are many small ramen shops (10K in Tokyo!) that are available in the neighborhood where men and women go to grab a quick bite after getting off from work.

The time when ramen eating is at its highest peak is usually in the evening, after the work hours are over. Ramen is served fresh and hot, and doesn’t take long to eat. Moreover, the incredibly savory, salty broth that is full of carbohydrates, and even protein is an incredibly filling meal to have after a tiring day.

During Breakfast time

Yes, you read it right. In some regions of Japan (such as Kitakata, Fukushima), there is a kind of ramen that is eaten during breakfast time. Ramen is generally a heavy kind of dish, but the kind that is consumed in the breakfast is the opposite.

The breakfast ramen is light, and refreshing in its simple and clean flavors that are excellent for kick starting the day.

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Who Eats Ramen

The frequency of ramen consumption also depends on the age group. Students tend to consume more ramen than adults, as ramen is a budget friendly, quick, and delicious meal choice. 

Japanese adults who have larger budgets, or more health conscious tend to limit their ramen intake.


It is no secret that Japanese people love their ramen, so they can be found eating it at all times!

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