How to use an angel food cake pan, tart pan with removable bottom

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Have you ever tried to bake your angel food cake pan in a cake pan? We bet that you end up getting a fluffy and white cake with beautiful fruits and toppings on it. So hurry to invest in a one-use pan and keep it in your kitchen. It’s fine to choose between a food cake pan or a tart pan with a removable bottom!  But before that, let’s find out why you need a one-tube pan?


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Why do you use an angel food cake pan, tart pan?

As you know, an angel food cake is an airy and fluffy white cake. It contains no baking soda for leavening. The cake depends on steam and air that gets beaten into the egg whites. Together with the moisture, your cake can cling to the sides of the pan. After getting brought out of the oven, the cakes will need the help of that pan’s walls and tube to prevent collapsing.

Besides, this aluminum pan offers you a delicate angel food cake more than expected. As said above, it rises and bakes evenly thanks to the pan’s proper heat conductivity.

Also, the presence of a removable bottom and raised legs is perfect for better cooling upside down. How come? Those three attached legs along the rim raise the cake after you reverse it. And its removable bottom makes it smoother for you to release the cake.

With a special design, the pan helps you bake the best angel food cake without a doubt.

Its central tube makes the cake rise as high as possible. Not only that, but the aluminum layer also delivers a fast and even heat distribution for the best results. More importantly, an angel food cake is quite delicate while you’re baking it. Some factors will contribute to the evenly rising of the cake. These are the shape and material of the pan.

All sides of it should be straight and cannot get made of a nonstick material. That makes sure your cake easily grips the pan and rises up. And because the cake needs to get cooled down to avoid falling, a non-nonstick bottom ensures it stays firmly in the pan.

Last but not least, an angel food cake is not hard to make, but challenging to bake. For awesome results, ensure the pan to be grease-free and dry.

How to use an angel food cake pan with a removable bottom?

Step 1:

Make sure that you use the cooking spray or the Baker’s Joy on the inner space of the tube pan. In case that you only have plain spray, how about dusting its inside with flour? There’s no need to do that if you avail Baker’s Joy since it already has the cooking spray.

Step 2:

Go to preheat your oven to 350 degrees or follow the exact temperature as said in the recipe.

Step 3:

Prepare the batter as directed. Wrap the aluminum foil around the bottom of your cake pan. And the foil should come up 3 inches on every side of the outer layer of the pan. Doing so prevents the tube pans from leaking during the baking process.

Step 4:

Let’s bake the cake for 45 to 60 minutes. Or bake it till a thin knife can get into the cake and come out cleanly.

Step 5:

Leave the cake in the pan and let it cool upside down for 10 minutes. For regular cakes. Leave it in the pan for extra 10 minutes before moving it to a plate. For an angel food cake, take the following steps to remove the cake.

Step 6:

Unmold the cake

Next, turn the pan upside down onto the legs or on the top of a bottle with its neck through the tube. Doing so helps your cake stay firmly once it cools down. And since you didn’t spray the angel food cake pan before baking it, it won’t collapse till you remove it.

Step 7:

Turn the whole cake pan right side up. Then, use a knife to release the cake from the rims of the pan and around the tube. Move the tube pan over a plate. Your cake will fall out of the pan with the bottom insert that clings to what is the top of the cake afterwards. Ensure to move the knife between the bottom insert and the top of the cake to make it looser. Next, pull it up off of your cake.

How to use a tart pan with a removable bottom?

Step 1:

For fragile crusts, pile up the mixture into the pan and press it into the bottom. Try to flatten it into an even layer of dough. Use your fingers to make that bottom of your crust flat and even.

For sturdier crusts, chill that dough for one hour before rolling it on a floured surface. After that, you need to fold it in half and slide the dough onto the tart pan. Put the pan on a cookie sheet to move your tart to the oven easily.

Step 2: 

Let your tart cool down as long as you can. Ensure it cools completely if possible. Once its shell gets warm, it becomes more fragile. In other words, you’ll end up suffering more risks like it can break when getting unmolded.

Step 3: 

Get a sturdy and standalone object that is tinier than the hole bottom of your pan. Next, Put your tart on that object, and slide the ring off the tart and down the stand. Take it down and slide it off the bottom and onto a serving plate.

In conclusion

Now we bet that you’ve already learned how to use an angel food cake pan, tart pan with removable bottom! But keep in mind no matter what pan you choose, it should be heavy-duty and feature a nonstick layer. That offers some insurance if you’re afraid of the tart sticking to the pan.

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