Japanese food for beginners recommended tools

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  June 16, 2020

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I’ve been enjoying cooking Japanese food for almost 10 years now and started writing about it for about 4 years.

That’s how this site was started, to let you know what I’ve picked up along the way!

Japanese food for beginners recommended tools

It has been a lot of researching online and asking friends for their tips to keep learning more and finding the tools that helped me get started in making these dishes you can find on the site.

So I wanted to share my top tools and resources so you can get a head start in the world of delicious Japanese cuisine.

Best online courses

I wish I had started with online courses sooner when I started MY journey. I’ve spent a LOT of time researching recipes and techniques and found some great ones online, I must say.

But it took a long time to find the best recipes and technique videos to help me grow.

And you need to spend a little, not a lot mind you, to move along your learning quicker. So eventually I bought a lot of courses to learn more.

I’ve tried a lot and some were pretty good, but there were also a lot of bad ones, but these two I can fully recommend taking to get you learning SO MUCH faster.

Authentic Japanese food cooking class by Pearl Ishizaki

If you want to learn more about cooking all sorts of Japanese food, this course by Pearl Ishizaki is the course that I found is the most comprehensive and easy to follow.

It has 92(!) recipes in it, it’s a best seller on Udemy with GREAT customer reviews and has over 8 hours of teaching videos.

You can try out a preview for free here:

Udemy authentic Japanese cooking course

(check out the free trial)

The most comprehensive sushi course online by Dan Yang

Sushi is one of the most appealing Japanese food types out there and it is actually quite easy to get started in, but difficult to master.

Everything you’ll need to learn once you get deeper into it, from rolling the right way all the way to the right cutting technique for fish.

In his most comprehensive sushi course, Dan Yang will teach you everything you’ll need to know on mastering sushi.

You can try out a free preview here:

Most comprehensive sushi course

(check out the free trial)

Asian groceries

Who said finding the ingredients for your Japanese dishes was hard? If you’re like me, you would probably like to but them online and get them delivered to your house.

I was getting tired of driving across town to my local Chinese market, who didn’t even have everything I needed, so now I get them here from the Asian grocery section on Walmart:

Asian market on Walmart

(see more from the Asian market)


Every month new cooking tips in your email?

Japanese recipes, cooking tips and more with the first email our FREE mini-recipe guide "Japanese with ease"

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