SEAAN teppanyaki griddle grill

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  • Type: electric
  • Grill size: 19 x 11 x 3 inches
  • Cooking surface: 19”x10″ (for up to 10 people)
  • Handles: yes
  • Material: aluminum, steel & non-stick coating
  • Drip tray: yes
Best traditional-style smokeless Teppanyaki grill- SEAAN Teppanyaki Griddle Grill Smokeless

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Authentic teppanyaki cooking involves making all kinds of meat and vegetables at once on the same cooking surface. With your usual electric grill, you just can’t do that because you’re limited by the size.

The SEAAN teppanyaki griddle is a large griddle with enough space to cook for up to 10 people at once.

Therefore, it’s not only the best party grill, but also the best way to enjoy an authentic Japanese dining experience. The teppanyaki experience is all about delicious chicken, beef, and fish cooked alongside foods like monjayaki pancakes.

With this extra-large grill, you’ll get 2 grilling surfaces. Half of the griddle has a flat striped area for cheese, vegetables, seafood, and pancakes, and a grate-like area for meats and skewers.

The honeycomb design tends to absorb more heat. But it also locks in the flavors and ensures the nutrients aren’t seeping out of the food.

There’s a 1,350-watt heating element that’s quite powerful but still energy efficient, so you won’t spend too much on electricity.

The grill offers excellent temperature control features. There are 5 heat settings so you can cook all types of ingredients. As a safety feature, once the grill reaches the desired cooking temperature, the power’s automatically turned off.

Another great feature you don’t get with cheaper Black & Decker or Presto models is the adjustable baking tray height. That way, you can also cook tasty desserts at the perfect temperature!

As with other electric teppanyaki grills, you don’t need to use much cooking oil with this one. But there’s also a special drip pot that’s located at one side of the grill. You can actually tilt the grill surface so that all the oil and fats are collected separately.

The grease and extra oil all drip down from the striped area into the grease collector pot so your food can cook in its natural juices and never taste like fried food. Therefore, this cooking style makes healthier dishes and you can also cook oil-free!

All the heating elements are well-sealed and waterproof. So cleaning is quite easy, as long as you ensure the power is turned off first.

If you’re wondering about the handles, they’re scald-proof and taller, with a hole so you can fit your oven mitts in there too. However, some people say that the handles tend to get very hot, so handle carefully.

This grill is suitable for apartment cooking too because it’s smokeless and won’t make your home smell like a BBQ restaurant. So if you want to have the full Japanese teppanyaki experience with friends and family, you can get this affordable large grill.

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