Sushi Vinegar | Home made recipe + 3 best store bought vinegars

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  October 15, 2020

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Sushi is one of the famously known Japanese dishes of rice served primarily with fish and occasionally garnished with vegetables and even fruits.

Salt and sugar, along with Vinegar at times, are used as added ingredients.

This dish is easy to prepare, and people aim at making it at home and there are a lot of simple recipes available on the net.

Home made sushi vinegar

However, the need for sushi vinegar remains, as it adds to the flavor of the sushi. When it comes to preparation, people get confused with sushi vinegar and its use.

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Basics of sushi rice with vinegar

The basics are that vinegar is added to the sushi rice.

Here’s chef Hiroyuki Terada showing how to make sushi rice:

This is the type of vinegar you can make to get that perfect sushi taste:

How to make sushi vinegar

Sushi vinegar homemade recipe

Sushi vinegar home made recipe

Joost Nusselder
Here find the ingredients and the recipe for sushi vinegar. It will help you have an idea of the contents and at the same time, the nutritional value.
The following items are needed in the below-mentioned quantities to make a traditional tasting vinegar.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 4 people


  • 2 cups rice vinegar
  • 1 ½ tbsp salt
  • cup lemon juice
  • 1 ½ cups white sugar


  • Thoroughly mix the rice vinegar with salt and sugar while you stir it all in.
  • Best to use a saucepan on low heat.
  • Then, slowly add the lemon juice to the mix while still stirring.
  • Keep heating the mixture until the salt and sugar completely dissolve into the mixture. It will be immediately evident when this is because the sugar and salt will have dissolved; however, this would normally take around 15 minutes or so.
  • Remember to keep it at a low flame, allowing sufficient mixing but make sure the mixture never boils at all.
  • Once a homogeneous solution is obtained, take it off from the stove and allow it to cool before using it on your sushi
  • For longer shelf life, you can keep it in the fridge
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Tip: you can add a sheet of kombu to the mixture when on low heat to get an even more authentic umami flavor. I chose to leave it out from this recipe because:

  1. the flavor’s not for everyone
  2. not everyone has kombu lying around.

But if you have it, you can experiment with it and see if you like the taste for your sushi.

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Ever wondered what does it offers, here find interesting facts relating its nutritional value.

Interesting Nutrition Facts about homemade Sushi Vinegar

Each serving is bound to give certain calories, indicated with one serving.
Total calories per serving: 97 calories;

Best store-bought online sushi vinegar brands

Looking for alternatives and still not getting the right flavor? And why take all the hassles of preparing it at home or managing the correct ratios?

The best option that you can opt for when not having the time to make it yourself is the readily available sushi vinegar you can buy online.

Many brands are available that make it easy for the user, to prepare the simple dish aptly. is the right place to find such brands. If you are not sure, find a list of brands of sushi vinegar.

Knowing how sushi vinegar is properly made, let’s see what brands are the best ones for ready-made sushi vinegar.

Let’s elaborate on the suggested products that would justify their place in this list. They come with the highest purity, quality, and the right flavor.

Mizkan Vinegar Sushi Seasoning

Mizkan store bought sushi vinegar

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What does it take to make the perfect rice? The Mizkan Vinegar Sushi Rice Vinegar, of course!

Turning out great-tasting sushi rice is easy with Mizkan’s ever-popular sushi vinegar or sushi seasoning. It’s a combination of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt in the seasoning mix that’s perfect for sushi rice.

Check the latest prices here

Stir with freshly steamed white rice and start shaping it into tiny adorable inarizushi or turn them into makizushi rolls.

The Mizkan Vinegar Sushi Rice Vinegar can also be used to season salads as a dressing.

Japanese cooking relies on a number of staple ingredients that are needed in a wide range of classic Japanese dishes.

These include a number of ingredients such as:

The product itself comes in a bottle with vinegar quantity 25.4 fl Oz. It also comes from the USA and produced by Kikkoman with complete name printed, i.e., Mizkan Sushi Seasoning.

Nutrition Per 100ml:

Note: The Product is gluten-free

The Practical Utility of the Mizkan:

When preparing the sushi rice, a quantity of 5 table-spoons that is 75 ml must be used. For sushi seasoning, almost 2 cups (i.e. 500 ml of total uncooked rice are implied).

While a total quantity of 4 cups that becomes 1000 ml is used for cooked rice.


It may also be used for sushi seasoning, as this will bring oil-free sushi by just sprinkling it over the final dish.

Storage Tips:
Keep it in a dry, cold place.

Contents of the Mizkan Sushi Vinegar:

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Nishiki 100% Natural Seasoned Sushi Rice Vinegar

The next brand of choice and the sushi rice vinegar to be chosen is none other than Nishki’s Rice Vinegar. The brand claims to be 100% natural origin of brands.

Thus, a safe choice for one’s looking up for organic items to be added to their day to day diet.

Nishiki organic sushi rice vinegar

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Nishiki Sushi Vinegar is made from pure rice vinegar, which has been delicately seasoned with sugar and sea salt to cure foods like sushi and sashimi to their optimal level.

This blend is traditionally used for sushi rice and to marinate vegetables. You may also use it for salad dressing, or drizzle it with vegetable oil to enhance the salad’s flavor.

Enjoy the acidic augmented taste of grilled chicken or fish when you sprinkle this sushi rice vinegar over these foods, or you can also add it to your favorite tuna and macaroni salad.

In case you’re planning to prepare sushi at home to test your Japanese cooking skills, then I highly recommend that you include the Nishiki 100% Natural Seasoned Sushi Rice Vinegar to your cupboard.

Whether you’ll cook ramen, or chicken yakitori, or other famous Japanese recipes eventually you will try to make sushi or sashimi, and when that time comes, you’d want your sushi rice to have a perfect blend and taste. Otherwise, it won’t be sushi.

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The Nishiki 100% Natural Seasoned Sushi Rice Vinegar is usually sold in a 300ml (10 fluid ounces) bottle and can be purchased at your local Asian grocery store or on Amazon.

Product Description:

The brand is derived from 100 % natural sources that include:


Otafuku Sushi Vinegar

The next brand and sushi rice vinegar to choose is none other than Otafuku’s rice vinegar. The brand claims to be 100% natural in it’s ingredients.

So, a safe choice to look for organic products to add to their daily diet.

Otafuku Sushi Vinegar

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Frequently asked questions about sushi vinegar

Is sushi vinegar a must for sushi preparation?

At times, people substitute apple cider vinegar, instead of using the sushi vinegar, especially when it is not available.

The use of apple cider vinegar can along with the addition of sugar i.e., ¼ of a teaspoon to 15 ml of Vinegar. It enhances the sweetness of the Vinegar and tastes more like the sushi vinegar you’d normally use.

For the sushi to taste traditional, you have to use some kind of vinegar to season the rice, otherwise it would be pretty bland.

How is sushi vinegar similar to rice vinegar?

Sushi vinegar is very similar to rice vinegar, in that the rice vinegar is the main ingredient of sushi vinegar, where you add sugar, salt and lemon juice in addition to the rice vinegar to get a subtle seasoning to your sushi rice.

Also check out these exact differences between rice and sushi vinegar here

What if you don’t have sushi vinegar?

You can overcome not having the proper sushi vinegar by use of apple cider vinegar, though it needs a little adjustment to meet up the standard taste.

How is mirin similar to sushi vinegar?

Mirin is a kind of rice wine, sweet in flavor. However, the brands that one uses might taste like sugar water with a slight tinge of sourness to it. Sushi vinegar is also sweet with a little sourness to it, but is made out of rice vinegar, with added ratios of salt and sugar.

The proportion follows the order of sugar and salt in 5:1:2. This vinegar is only used in making sushi rice.

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