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The Best Kitchen Shears America’s Test Kitchen

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You know, the best kitchen shears America’s Test Kitchen seem to be a must in the kitchen of every home cook. They are what we need for all kinds of tasks such as cutting parchment, opening clamshell packages, spatchcocking chicken, snipping herbs, and so on.


To help you find out the most suitable option, we are going to share a list of the best kitchen shears for your consideration. But before we dive into to know them, we will go thoroughly about their definition.

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Definition of kitchen shears

Kitchen shears is a kitchen tool designed for food preparation. This equipment is more versatile than other cutting scissors. You might not know this, but this utensil is made of a rubber or plastic coated handle that is textured for easy gripping and cutting and gripping.

Its blades come with a notch to cut through the poultry joints. Meanwhile, its handle probably has teeth for opening bottles and jars, along with a screwdriver-similar protrusion for you to pry off the lids. The scissors include two sections and sides that cooperate to cut. The shears’ blade is robust and made of stainless steel or aluminum.

One thing to note is that the blade should open wide enough for the demands in your kitchen, but not too wide to be inefficient and clumsy for cases that you want to cut small things.

Many kitchen shears are designed to deal with thin bone cutting, so that you should go for those designed to be available for aggressive cutting with no unbalance or excessive pressure.

Reviews Of The Best Kitchen Shears America’s Test Kitchen, Cooks Illustrated

Stainless Steel Multipurpose Kitchen Shears by Gidli: Best Choice

Stainless Steel Multipurpose Kitchen Shears by Gidli- Best Choice

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Kitchen Shears by Gidli is the sharpest kitchen shears on our list. This option is made of robust stainless steel, which is the most durable equipment in the kitchen. Also, you could cut anything, including poultry, chicken, vegetables, to name a few. Along with the sturdy materials, this kitchen shears also stands out with a sharp blade. We are pretty sure that this option would not fail you.

Read the full review here

Another highlight of this product we would like to introduce is its ability to cut seafood with ease. Well, great for those who love prawns and shrimps but hate removing the shell. You will love these seafood scissors as you don’t need to make your hands dirty more than needed. Now you could enjoy your prawns and shrimps more comfortably.

Plus, the kitchen shears come with ergonomically-designed handles, providing a secure and soft grip when using this multi-tasking cutting tool. When you are done using it, you only need to put it in your dishwasher or wash it by hand. Everything is totally simple with this pair of kitchen shears. Well, we are satisfied with this choice and do not have any complaints about it.


  • High durability with sturdy stainless steel
  • Sharp blade for multi tasks
  • Ability to cut seafood with ease
  • Ergonomically-designed handles


  • None

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Kai 7250 10 Inch Professional Shears

Naming in the runner-up spot of our list is the Kai 7250 Professional Shears. It’s safe to say this pair of kitchen shears work like a dream. It boasts an ideal cutting action and robust blades that could slice through fabrics or materials you are working with.

These professional shears actually do up to the name, which provides high-end quality. They would not look out of any place in your hands but are ideal for home use as well. They provide a comfortable grip along with incredible results with every snip.

The next highlight of this pair of kitchen shears is the carbon stainless steel design. Their blades’ material quality shines through because these shears glide easily through all types of materials, which provides clean cuts.

What we also like about this option is its durability. These shears offer a comfortable grip just right for almost all hand sizes. It would be best if you were careful when utilizing them as their blades are greatly sharp.

The only small drawback to this pair of scissors is its high price tag.


  • Strong and robust design
  • Carbon steel materials
  • Ease of use


  • High price tag

Check prices and availability here

OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen and Herbs Scissors

Affordable but effective, these words are exactly describing words about the OXO Good Grips Scissors. They distinguished themselves from other products with simple dependability and user-friendly design.

The kitchen shears feature generously-proportioned handles that could comfortably fit into small or big hands. And although your grips aren’t lavishly cushioned, this option will never leave you feel pinched or cramped. These shears also come with lightweight design and feel quite quality-built and well-balanced.

Combining a conventional blade with a micro-serrated blade made for tackling slippery stuff, the shears deliver fast and clean work from snipping fine herbs and trimming parchment paper. Certainly, if you need to do raw poultry, you want to ensure they are easy to clean, this option could pass with flying colors. Plus, these kitchen shears sport a central hinge opening and unlocking smoothly to separate high-carbon blades.

That said, these scissors are not safe to be used in the dishwasher. You had better wash them by hand.


  • Affordable and effective shears
  • User-friendly and lightweight design
  • Well-balanced feeling


  • Not for dishwasher

Check prices here

KitchenAid Classic Kitchen Shears

The next spot calls the name of the KitchenAid Classic Kitchen Shears. This option stands out with very soft-grip handles, which features a protective blade guard made of plastic. Their blades are made of robust stainless steel that could resist rusting quite well.

Every blade also provides micro-serrations for better cutting and is thick for better strength and durability. The next highlight about these shears is their handles. It is designed for optimal comfort and provides a soft grip for high stability. Ultimately, it is safe for you to put it in the dishwasher to clean.

However, we found that their blades are slightly not as sharp as we expected. It would be better if the brand could improve this drawback.


  • Soft grip handles
  • Robust stainless steel material
  • High durability


  • Disappointed blades

Check prices and availability here

Poultry Shears America’s Test Kitchen

Well, if you are looking for kitchen shears that could cut every material for cooking easily, these OXO Spring-Loaded Shears might be the ideal one. Coming with a serrated sharp-edge blade, the scissors let you snip through the skin or crush the bones of big birds effortlessly. They rubberize the handles attached to a robust spring, reducing hand fatigue and slipping.

They feature spring-loaded handles for optimal cutting strength. Moreover, there is a handle lock that is available for storing safely. The manufacturer seems to be quite confident in its product. That’s why it offers a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

However, this option is not used for dishwashers. And their spring could become loose after a long time.


  • Strong and sharp blades
  • Ease of clean
  • Micro-serrated edges
  • 100% refund


  • Not for dishwasher
  • Loose spring after a long time

Check the latest prices here

Wusthof WU5558 Kitchen Shears

Plus, you will love these kitchen shears as its handles come with a helpful jar opener. And you could take this option apart for resharpening. There are steel-tooth insets in its handles, which twist open jar and bottle caps. Another notable feature of these shears is that at 8 inches, they will fit into most hands.

It can be said that this reasonably-priced choice could please those who are interested in cooking.

That said, these scissors could rust over time, and you should wash them by hand rather than put them in the dishwashers.


  • Ease of cleaning and resharpening
  • An opener for jars and bottles available
  • Suitable for both hands


  • Rust over time
  • Hand wash

Check prices here

Acelone Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears

Our last pick up – the Acelone Premium Heavy Duty Shears could adapt to multi kitchen tasks from cutting meat, poultry bone to scraping scale fish. Plus, this pair of kitchen shears don’t need choppers, bringing your kitchen tasks more convenience.

Its strength also amazes us as it is made of 3CR14 steel. The kitchen shears forged from high-end stainless steel is rust-proof, sharp blade and light while effortlessly outperforming other shears.

Regarding its comfort and safety, you could totally rest assured that they could deliver non-slip cutting in many tasks, which saves much effort and avoids accidental injuries when being used.

Nevertheless, similar to the previous one, this pair of kitchen shears are easy to rusted as well after a long time.


  • Adaptability to multi kitchen tasks
  • High-end stainless steel
  • High comfort and safety


  • Be rusted after a long time of use

Check the latest prices here

What to look for when choosing the best kitchen shears

Sharp Blades

This is the top priority when choosing a pair of kitchens. To save you from the need to sharpen them before using them in your kitchen, you should try to seek those which are good to go.

Easy To Sharpen 

You might not know this, but your shears will not cut through things like they used to. That’s why you need to look for a product that you could separate its blades with ease to sharpen, prolonging its lifespan.


The best pair of kitchen shears would be heard-wearing and stay for a long time. It’s great to look for an option made from stainless steel blades to make sure they’re fine to be frequently cleaned and remain sharp.


What is the difference between kitchen shears and scissors?

The notable difference between shears and scissors is that the shears come with larger handles on one side.

What are kitchen shears used for?

The key uses for a pair of kitchen shears include snipping herbs, breaking down poultry, and cutting open food packaging.

Final Thoughts

So you have gone through our list of the best kitchen shears. These options, we believe, would meet your demands in your kitchen tasks. If you don’t know which option you should choose, we recommend choosing our top 3 products, including Kitchen Shears by Gidli, Kai 7250 Professional Shears, and OXO Good Grips. They excellently outperforms other products available in the market.

Anyway, please feel free to let us know in the comment section below if you have any further questions.

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