Caroline Grinsted – Author at Bitemybun


Caroline has always been an enthusiastic eater, but it wasn’t until leaving her childhood home for university that she realized that delicious dinner doesn’t just automatically appear on the table at the end of every day.

Since then, every day has been a quest to ensure that her dinner is not only plentiful but also delectable. And not only for herself, but also for others.

Her initial career was in the events industry in London, but after moving to Germany, she started food blogging with a real-life twist – opening the doors of her apartment in Berlin once a month to host a dinner party for strangers who had found the website and followed the blog. After only a few months, events were sold out within minutes, and Caroline had been written about in local, national, and international press. It was a natural step to open an official restaurant. 

She was the co-owner and head chef of Muse Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, for eight years. The restaurant was renowned for “international comfort food”, taking inspiration from all over the globe to deliver heartfelt, honest dishes, perfectly executed and beautifully presented, to give guests a warm glow of satisfaction from within. 

Japanese food has been a particular enthusiasm since Caroline’s first bite of sashimi at a London restaurant in the early 2000s. Blown away by the simple, yet perfect balance of flavors, it seemed incredible to her that so much could be achieved with so little. She has always striven to replicate this minimalist approach in her own food, finding the best ingredients, handling them with honor, and allowing them to shine.

As Japanese food has become better known in Europe, so too has the availability of Japanese ingredients. Caroline has welcomed this opportunity to experiment with classical Japanese delicacies and find out about new flavors and techniques.

She now lives in the countryside in Catalonia, Spain, where she works as a recipe developer and content creator for clients in the food industry and as part of our team, and conducts enthusiastic experiments with fermentation and food preservation methods with produce from her own vegetable garden.