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Sometimes, cooking complicated recipes is fun to do, and the Japanese kitchen can offer a wide variety of fancy dishes, don’t get me wrong!

But sometimes you just want to get the basics right, start off with dishes you could make every day.

That’s why we’ve got you covered!

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17 no-brainer recipes every Japanese food lover should learn

It’s not hard to get delicious food on the table with the right tools and the right guidance.

We’ve got the first recipes up and running in our recipe E-book and video course and we’ll release a new recipe every week to make sure you’ll have access to all of these delicious and easy recipes in no time.

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Easy to follow video tutorials so you can see what to make

Having a recipe book is a great way to know the right amounts of ingredients to use and get a recipe guideline.

Sometimes, it’s better to have a video tutorial on EXACTLY how to make a dish though.

That’s why we’re putting every last one of the 30 recipes in video format in the course for you! Videos like this Takikomi Gohan video we made:

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