6 best Cocoa Butter substitutes

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What is a good substitute for cocoa butter? If you are vegan, we are sure that one of the most frequent questions asked by friends and relatives who love cooking is: “But how do you prepare desserts then?” Pastry and savory cooking without butter exist.

First, it is necessary to clarify that using butter as a condiment (base for sauteed or pasta condiments) is not a good habit, even if you are not vegan. Butter is rich in cholesterol. Therefore, for dressings or stews of bases for preparations, extra virgin olive oil will be fine.

Extra virgin olive oil

Cocoa butter, in your sweet recipes, can be replaced with extra virgin olive oil. The proportion to follow is that 100 grams of butter are equivalent to 80 grams of oil. You can also use corn oil if you think that the strong flavor of extra virgin olive oil can cover or contrast with your dessert.

Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil, canola oil, peanut oil, or grapeseed oil ? Of course, it is yes. These oils are also a perfect replacement for olive oil or cocoa butter.

Otherwise, you can opt for Jack cheese. We have many types of jack cheese worldwide. It is Monterey Jack Cheese Spicy that offers spicy flavor. Our second choice is Monterey Jack Cheese Healthy for a healthy lifestyle. Final choice is Monterey Jack Cheese Vegetarian.

Soy cream or vegetable cream

We can also replace cocoa butter with soy cream. The latter is less caloric and with a more delicate flavor than oil. The proportion to follow is that 125 grams of soy cream are equivalent to 100 grams of cocoa butter.

If you do not have cream, the best alternative is golden syrup honey. Golden syrup made of honey is ideal in this case. Is golden syrup the same as corn syrup? Maybe yes if you do not have any issue about the flavor of golden syrup USA.

Vegetable soy yogurt

It is possible to replace the butter with soy yogurt. Here is the proportion to follow: 125 grams of soy yogurt are equivalent to 100 grams of cocoa butter. Soy yogurt is suitable for preparing baked desserts in case you want to give the softness, such as muffins.

Homemade Margarine

Otherwise, margarine can contain powdered milk and is high in fat. It is necessary to buy it after carefully checking the ingredients on the label. When in doubt, is it best to make your vegetable margarine?


Even the yellow-green pulp of avocado is an excellent alternative to butter thanks to its creamy consistency and composition. These features make it the fruit with the highest fat content (about 30 percent, with 240 calories per 100 grams).

The delicate flavor of this fruit originating from Central America makes it suitable for the most varied combinations in preparing both cakes and biscuits. You can choose a ripe fruit and immediately use the pulp, once extracted, because it blackens easily.

Dairy butter

Butter results from the processing of the fat part of the milk of different animals. According to Italian law, it is possible to name only a cream that is derived from cow’s milk. The butter can also be from buffalo, goat, or even yak. Butter contains about 80% fat, water, lactose, and protein.

The origin of butter is very ancient: Pliny the Elder in his ” Naturalis Historia ” mentions it, defining it as “A refined food for barbarian peoples”. In the Middle Ages, however, the Church forbade its use during Lent but granted, for a fee, indulgences to consume it: with the funds raised, one tower of the cathedral of Rouen was built.

Is Cocoa Butter the Same as Coconut Butter?

Coconut butter is a product that has been refined from coconut oil. The taste is very fresh, typical of coconut fat. Coconut butter is a suitable material for making ice cream, chocolate, cakes, fillings, sauces, toppings, and candies.

They pressed cocoa butter from cocoa beans to extract the organic fat called butter. It undergoes sophisticated and advanced production techniques to be pressed into a butter cake. The process keeps almost all beneficial nutrients and active ingredients.

Cocoa butter is rich in easily absorbed beneficial fatty acids, vitamins (especially vitamin E), natural antioxidants, and other minerals. Thanks to its rich nutritional content, cocoa butter has become an extremely popular natural food and cosmetic product.

What Is Cocoa Butter?

In some sweet preparations, it is also possible to use cocoa butter instead of cow butter. Cocoa butter is a mixture of fatty substances got from cocoa beans through pressing and exposing the beans to high temperatures.

It is real vegetable butter. At room temperature, it has a solid consistency and melts around 32 to 35 degrees Celsius. Among the characteristics that make cocoa butter versatile in the kitchen is the high smoke point that is around 230 degrees Celsius. It is decidedly superior to both butter and extra virgin olive oil. It gives the dishes a delicious cocoa aftertaste.

The Best Cocoa Butter Alternative in Recipe

Cocoa Butter Substitute in Baking

Cream of rice facilitates digestion and allows you to cook gently, bringing a little taste touch when finishing your dishes. Oatmeal and rice creams are suitable for people allergic to soy cream. The latter appears as an alternative to liquid cream without lecithin and delivers a vanilla flavor to your dishes. Whatever your choice, prefer organic vegetable creams.

Cocoa Butter Substitute in Lotion

Dairy butter is an excellent natural lotion. This ingredient has a huge amount of fatty acids. It can provide hydration that is sufficient for a grown person.

Cocoa Butter Substitute in Chocolate

Gelita’s R&D department in Brazil has discovered a protein capable of replacing part of the cocoa butter in milk chocolate. It is Gelita Instant Gel Schoko. It can replace up to 39% of cocoa butter without affecting taste sensations and the physical properties of chocolate while reducing the total amount of fat by 25%.

Tips on Using the Replacement for Cocoa Butter

To facilitate the application of shea butter, it is advisable to heat it beforehand in the palm of your hand to make it more liquid. We can use shea butter pure or mixed with vegetable oils which will make it creamier. We can also use it for making homemade cosmetics.

How to Make Cocoa Butter for Cooking

We can use cocoa butter in pastry preparations (Choux pastry or cookies) as a replacement for dairy butter. Insulating against humidity, it can waterproof a tart shell before adding a damp device, such as pastry cream. This type is incomparable to the development of chocolate.

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