Best induction stove for bachelors | What to look out for

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A bachelor living alone at home would benefit a lot from an induction cooktop. It is compact, easy, and practical. You can cook a meal without creating much of a mess.

But since there are so many choices of induction stoves out there, it might be confusing to decide which one to choose.

To help you find the best induction stove for you, here are some things you can consider:

Best induction stove for bachelors

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Beste induction stoves for bachelors reviewed

By knowing some key factors I talk about below, it should be easier for you to narrow down your options of induction stoves.

Here are a few recommendations that I’ve found work great for our situation:

Best single burner Induction cooktop: Max Burton 1800w

Best single burner Induction cooktop: Max Burton 1800w

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Bachelors need a portable stove that is lightweight and easy to use. We recommend Max Burton Digital LCD Induction Cooktop.

With only six pounds of weight, this stove is comparably lightest amongst other induction cooktops.

The digital buttons with one-touch settings make it easier to operate. This portable cooktop also has quite a wide range of temperatures, from 100 to 450 degrees with 25 degrees of increments.

You can cook many kinds of tasty meals even in the middle of a jungle.

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Best double burner induction stove for bachelors: Trighteach

Best double burner induction stove for bachelors: Trighteach

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I understand if you need a little more room to cook on. I myself would not go for a single burner induction stove, although they are more portable if you want to take your cooking with you (or need to move out).

I do like to really get into cooking a meal though and with just the one burner, that’s just not for me. Even as a bachelor.

If you do want the portability of a countertop stove but want the extra burner, I’d recommend the Trighteach.

It’s very easy to operate and it will get your meals warm and done fast, for when you’re in a hurry to go to the gym or go on that date.

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Best induction cooktop for Low Budget bachelors: Duxtop 1800w

Best induction cooktop for Low Budget bachelors: Duxtop 1800w

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A low budget doesn’t mean you have to settle with an ugly product. If you carefully search, you will find how valuable it is the Duxtop 8100MC Induction Cooktop.

It has a little bit more than just the basic stuff. Moreover, the brand is also notable for its stellar quality and durability.

This cooktop has 10 temperature levels and 10 power levels, which is enough for many ways of cooking.

It also has many useful features such as a timer, an auto-shutdown system, and a voltage warning system. The unit is also quite lightweight for such an affordable price.

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Best built-in induction stovetop for bachelor pad: Gasland

Best built-in induction stovetop for bachelor pad: Gasland

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If you do want to build out your kitchen the proper way you, as a bachelor, have several options. I know I have little room for actual cooking space because I want to be able to cut things in my kitchen as well.

That’s where a nice compact built-in induction stovetop like the Gasland chef fits perfectly for your bachelor pad.

It gives you two burners so you can actually make a meal for a change, and it has amazing temperature control as well.

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Best Induction Cooktop for Home Chefs: NuWave 1300w

Best Induction Cooktop for Home Chefs: NuWave 1300w

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If you love cooking, you would need a stove that can adjust to every cooking method. Here, we recommend the NuWave 30242 Induction Cooktop.

The temperature levels are ranging from 100°F to 575°F with 10°F of increments, which means you have 52 levels of temperature to set.

This induction stove also provides several features that would benefit house chefs, such as multi-stage cooking, a timer, and 6 pre-programmed settings for your convenience.

The circular design of the unit looks sleek and stylish in the kitchen, making your cooking experience feel more enjoyable.

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What to look out for in an induction stove as a bachelor

Portable vs Non-Portable

Induction cooktops come in two versions; portable and built-in. The portable one would be more practical as you can bring it for camping or backyard parties, which are pretty common to do by bachelors.

But if you are the type of person who stays home and dislike outdoor cooking, you can get a built-in one. It looks neat in your kitchen and easier to clean.


It is necessary to measure the depth of your kitchen counter. The induction stove you buy should fit it because some units are larger than the rests.

The size you need to check is not just the dimension of the unit, but also the size of its coil diameter. It determines the width of the cooking area.

The larger the coil, the larger pan you can use for cooking.

Power/Temperature Level

Induction stoves have several options for power and temperature levels. A stove with more levels available allows you to adjust the way you cook more accurately.

If you are passionate about cooking, this factor will matter a lot for you. You might want to choose the unit with a wide temperature range and more levels to adjust.

On the other hand, if you only do basic cooking methods, a few basic levels would have been good enough for your daily needs.


Weight matters when choosing a portable induction cooktop, especially if you love traveling and you like bringing the stove along with you. Some units are heavier.

But most brands usually have a few lightweight types, which can be an interesting choice for travelers.

However, you better not choose a cooktop solely based on its weight without considering other important factors.

Additional Features

Each cooktop has additional features that might be different from one to another. Although this should not be the main factor to consider, some features might be useful for your situation while some others may be useless.

For example, a child-lock feature might be unnecessary for you. Some features that suit bachelors’ lifestyles are timer setting, food warming, and overflowing control.

Those will help you a lot in preparing an easy meal on a busy day.


The easiest way to judge the quality of a product is by reviewing the brand’s reputation. But bear in mind that a brand that is notable for a type of appliance does not guarantee it has the same stellar reputation for other types of products.

What you need to look for is the brand notable for its induction cooktops. Try asking your friends or families to recommend a brand to you when it comes to an induction cooktop. Check also the real reviews online to make sure.


Every good appliance comes with a reliable warranty as it shows how committed the manufacturers are to the quality they deliver. Reputable brands usually provide a good warranty.

But what you need to look for is actually about how to claim for one, what services are included in the warranty, and the location of the service center.

Because when your cooktop breaks, you wouldn’t want any other problems just to get it fixed.

One Thing to Remember

An induction cooktop does not produce flame to heat your cookware. The system produces electro-magnetic that makes your cookware produce heat. Hence, you need induction-ready cookware to make the whole system work. Regular cookware will not even heat at all on an induction stove.

Different conditions would require different kinds of induction cooktop. By knowing what you need, choosing a unit of induction stove would not be a huge deal.

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