8 Best Portable Wine Cooler Bags Reviewed

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Do you regularly go on long outings with your friends/ loved ones? Outings are always a refreshing experience – especially after a long stressful week. And what’s more lovely to hold on such trips than parties? And what party is it – if there is no wine at all? Best portable wine coolers

If you say yes to all of the above questions, you’ll definitely want a portable wine cooler. In order to make life easier for you, I have compiled a list of the best portable wine coolers here. In addition, I have also included here a small buying guide, as well as an FAQ section – so that you may make your mind much more easily.

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Reviews of Best Portable Wine Cooler/ Chillers

Picnic at Ascot Insulated Wine Tote

This portable wine cooler is capable of carrying up to 2 bottles at the same time – hence, it is the perfect choice when you are about to set off in a small group. Within the set, you will find 2 glasses of acrylic wine, napkin and screw.

Picnic at Ascot Insulated Wine Tote provides the perfect storage method that works like a professional refrigerator. With it, you are rest assured to always be able to enjoy your favorite wine at its finest flavor. Not to mention, the lifetime warranty policy means that you don’t have to be worried about any potential faults. And if your friends/ loved ones like it – well, why not buy a spare one as a surprising gift for them?



Lifetime warranty.

Good temperature maintenance.


Convertible by removing the 2 glasses.


The bottle stopper included is not very good and may cause leakage. Check prices and availability here

One Savvy Girl Wine Tote Bag

This beautiful, lightweight bag set is designed with insulative padding, which provides the perfect protective layer for your wine bottles against the outer temperature. Inside the set, you will find 2 bonus stainless steel wine cups – that should be enough for an outdoor day at the beach or somewhere you enjoy with your friend.

The tote bag is spacious enough to carry 2 bottles at the same time. On top of that, there’s an additional pouch where you can store your other belongings (keys, for example). Whether you find the price high or not, the product’s super durability should make up for all initial investments. Not to mention, its shoulder strap and handle are adjustable, so you can fold it down to make traveling a much more effortless experience.


Super cute.

Lightweight and convenient to use.

Amazing durability.

Can carry 2 bottles.


Great gift idea. Check prices and availability here

Picnic at Ascot – Wine Carrier Deluxe

Picnic at Ascot - Wine Carrier Deluxe

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Another wine cooler from Picnic at Ascot – this one comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can be much more assured when buying it. It is capable of holding 2 bottles at the same time, and is the perfect choice for many occasions (picnics, beach trip, concerts, etc.). Thanks to the insulated padding, all wine and champagne stored within it should be kept at a steady temperature for long.

The whole set includes a lot of things – 2 wine glasses, napkin, stopper, corkscrew, cheese knife, cutting board. With high-quality denier canvas as the main component, you may expect the product to serve you well for long. What’s more, the shoulder strap is adjustable, thereby offering users with the maximum convenience possible. If you are thinking of a gift idea for an upcoming ceremony, look no further!


Lifetime warranty.

Sleek, elegant design.

The set includes a lot of accessories for a memorable trip.

High quality canvas material.

High density insulation.

Adjustable strap.


A little bit small.

Somehow pricey Check the latest prices here

Tirrinia Insulated 2 Bottle Wine Tote Bag

Tirrinia Insulated 2 Bottle Wine Tote Bag

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Tirrinia tote bag comes with an elastic fastener – hence, you can easily adjust it in the way that you find most comfortable. No matter how tight/loose you choose, the divider will make sure that there is no risk of your drinks clashing against each other while traveling.

The product is made from 600D fabric and comes with PE foam cushion – this material combination results in a highly durable item that will not disappoint you. With it, you now have the perfect companion to accompany you on picnics, at parties, cruises, etc. – and that “companion” will make sure that you thirst for your favorite beverages will always be sated, even if you travel for hours.

Last but not least, Tirrinia tote bag’s stylish, compact design should add a nice touch to your look – as well as rewards you with a lot of compliments. If an important ceremony is coming (e.g: birthday), don’t hesitate to consider this as a gift for your loved one.


Fasten stably, while still allowing for some flexibility.

Durable material.

Keep wine cold for hours.

Stylish design.


Size could have been larger. Check prices and availability here

Freshore Insulated Wine Carrier

Freshore Insulated Wine Carrier

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Freshore Insulated Wine Carrier is crafted from high quality 300D+ polyester – which means that you can be assured that it will last for satisfactorily long. But durability does not come at the cost of look, for it is also one of the best portable wine coolers in terms of design. Believe me – bringing this to the party should make you the center of attention.

With a spacious storage area, Freshore is capable of holding up to 6 bottles at the same time. When you need to travel in a larger group, this should come in handy. The adjustable (and detachable) shoulder band means that you can carry it in a variety of ways. Not only that, the divider panel is also removable – that’s extremely convenient when you need to carry bottles of different sizes.


High quality material.

Detachable panel and shoulder band for maximum convenience.

Great insulation.

Spacious storage.

Great gift idea. Check prices here

Frehore Wine Leather Tote

Frehore Wine Leather Tote

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This tote bag from Frehore is made from high-quality PU leather, which results not only in greater durability – but also a luxurious look that one will definitely adore. With numerous color options to choose from, I’m sure you will have no reason to turn away from this. If you still find it uninteresting, why not buy one as a gift for your loved one?

Aside from aesthetic value, Frehore tote bag is also desirable in terms of functionality. Its extra thick foam padding makes sure that all drinks stored inside will be kept cool for the whole time – as well as protected from the risk of shattering. Thanks to the adjustable strap, bringing it along should not be too much of a hassle. With Frehore, now you can carry 2 bottles of wine/champagne on every trip to everywhere – be it the beach, concert, restaurant, picnic, etc.


Luxurious leather design.

Great thermal insulation capability.

Waterproof PVC material.

Spacious and convenient.


The zippers are a little bit flimsy. Check availability here

Amazon Basics 26L Thermoelectric Cooler

With a total storage capacity of 26 litres, this portable wine cooler should be more than enough to store your favorite drinks for the whole trip. In fact, it can store a single 2-litre bottle of wine upright – that’s to say how spacious it is.

As a thermoelectric cooler, this one operates on a 12V power setting, and is capable of both heating and cooling. Specifically, it can retain drinks either under 18°C, or up to 65°C. For cooling, no ice is needed in order to serve the purpose at all. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, carrying this around should be easy.


Well-built construction.

Spacious storage area.

Good portability.

Easy access thanks to the hinged lid.

Energy efficient.

Great versatility – can work as both portable wine chillers and warmers.


Some customers reported that the energy rating is in fact A**, not A***.

Keter Breeze Bar Outdoor Patio Furniture

Keter Breeze Bar Outdoor Patio Furniture

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Now it’s time for the last – but not least – pick in our best portable wine cooler list. And believe me – you’ll be pleasantly amazed as soon as you have a glimpse at this one. Its pop-up top design means that you can elevate the lid up to 10 inches – and then have a cocktail table ready! With this product, you can now both store your favorite drinks – and have a place to enjoy them elegantly with your friends at the same time.

With a storage capacity of 17 gallon, the wine cooler offers enough space to keep everything necessary for a true party. Its resin construction results in a durable item that will not give up to weather corrosion. You can use it as a coffee table, hot tub one, or bar table – whatever you can think of. As soon as you are done with celebrating, just take advantage of the drainage plug in order to clean the product quickly.


Amazing versatility – can be used as both a wine cooler and a wine table.

Able to carry 130 twelve oz. cans along with ice.

Durable resin construction.

Simple cleanup.

Great for parties. Check the latest prices here

Wine cooler Buying guide

Now that we’ve known the best portable wine coolers, it’s time to learn a little more important information before settling on the final decision. Here, I would like to suggest some significant criteria that you should take into account.


For those who are fascinated with wine, you might need a wine cooler that can store numerous bottles – and accessories at the same time. Among the various models listed above, some are capable of holding as much as 9 bottles. Notwithstanding, if you want a more lightweight pick for personal use, 2 is often enough.

Don’t forget to consider where to store the wine cooler. Is there sufficient space for an enormous product? Think carefully before making a purchase.

Handles and straps

You definitely need a handle that is tough enough – so that you may carry the item around with little effort. Additionally, make sure that the lash is flexible enough for you to change the tie if necessary.

Padding protection

Materials such as PU are perfect for insulation – as well as to prevent the risk of collision, spilling and breakage.


What is the purpose of buying the best portable wine cooler?

As stated above, such an item allows you to store wine at the perfect heat range for later use. This is especially handy while you are traveling. And don’t forget – wine is pretty sensitive to the environment, including factors such as heat, light and humidity. That’s why you need some kind of protection to preserve it.

What is the best temperature range for wine storage?

Generally, the ideal temperature range for wine storage is from 45-55 degrees F. For white wines, it is from 40-50, and for red wine, the ideal range is 60-65 degrees.


For those who are wine enthusiasts – or just often hang out with friends, a portable wine cooler is exactly what you need to make your life more enjoyable. With one, you can make sure that your favorite drink is always kept cool – so that you may enjoy it at the finest flavor. Given the availability of different models now, there are a lot of factors to consider – and that’s why this guide was born in order to help you choose the best portable wine cooler. I hope that among the options listed above, you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

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