Bouillon: What is it and How to Use it?

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What are bouillon powder/cubes?

Bouillon is a very thin liquid made by boiling water with vegetables, meat, or fish. It’s available in the market in the form of liquid, powder, and cubes.

The powder is a dried form of soup. While cubes are the most popular form of bouillon, they might not contain all the healthy ingredients.

However, they’re an easy and ideal substitute for broth. These broth substitute cubes can easily be made at home and taste just as delicious as broth.

What is Bouillon

Additionally, they can be stored in the pantry for several weeks, readily available for hassle-free and convenient cooking!

Bouillon is available in a variety of flavors and ingredients. Nevertheless, to make simple bouillon powder, you’ll require the following ingredients:

  • Herbs (Can contain rosemary, oregano, or basil)
  • Seasonings (Can be of your preference)
  • Salt (According to your taste)
  • Nutritional yeast


The amount of powder required depends on the recipe you’re going to use it for, the quantity you need, and your tastes. However, a simple method to prepare it is:

  1. Add all these ingredients in a food mixer and blend until you get a fine powder.
  2. Once the powder is grainless and uniform, it’s easy to make broth out of it.
  3. Stir the powder in hot water and cook for a little while.

What are the benefits of bouillon?

  • Nutritional yeast is an excellent source of vitamins, protein, and various minerals.
  • Non-animal proteins can be added to a vegetarian diet.
  • The herbs are organic and easily available.
  • The herbs help with sleep and weight loss.
  • All the ingredients are inexpensive and are easily available in the market.
  • It helps with stomach swelling.

What is the nutritional content of bouillon?

Bouillon contains a variety of vitamins and trace minerals. It also has proteins that can fulfill the protein requirement of people who don’t eat animal-based food.

Although it has fewer calories, it can fulfill the water and salt requirements of your body for a whole day.

What are bouillon granules?

Bouillon granules are almost the same thing as bouillon cubes, but in a different form and packaging. These granules are concentrated stock in dried form and are ground instead of just being pressed in the form of a bouillon cube.

The thing that makes these granules different from cubes is convenience and how fast they dissolve in water. They’re easy to measure and stir, but serve the same purpose as bouillon cubes.

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