Ninja Foodi Deluxe Review 8 qt FD401, 9-in-1 xl Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer

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In today’s fast-paced world, versatile and less time-consuming cooking techniques are taking over traditional cooking methods. People are mostly engaged in other activities and so want the most suitable products in their kitchen that would save their time and also make cooking easier. This is where the Ninja Foodie Pressure Cooker comes in.


This versatile easy-to-use cooker makes cooking so much easier by just one click. It also cooks faster than any other traditional method. Thus, this pressure cooker (with everything you can do with it!) will save a lot of your precious time. With its nine in one cooking functions, it gives you the flexibility to cook any kind of dish in just one pot.

This 8-quart pressure cooker can easily cook food for a large group of 8 to 10 people. It also comes with a convertible rack. You can reverse this rack while preparing for a smaller group of people.

Whether you want to steam your meal or add crisp, this pressure cooker does everything you’ll ever want in a cooking pot.

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Healthy cooking

This product also cooks healthy food for people on a strict diet by using its air-fry technology. Meals that are prepared using this technology contains lesser fats than other traditionally fried dishes.


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Along with its fast cooking technology, it also has an option for slow cooking. So, you can choose between all the different modes available for your preferred type of cuisine.

Here is a detailed description of the Ninja Foodi Deluxe 8 Qt:


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Dimension and Wattage:

The size of this product is 16.1l x 14.6w x 14.3h and weighs 26pounds. The wattage is 1760 watts.


The body of this pressure cooker is made of stainless steel, and it is black in color. This gives the cooker a premium look, which will look great in your kitchen.

The cooking pot and Cook and Crisp basket are made of ceramic and are non-stick. It is highly recommended to use a wooden or non-stick spoon while cooking to prevent any damage to the coating of the pot.

Size and Capacity:

This extra-large pressure cooker has an 8-quart cooking capacity, which is great for cooking meals for a large family. It also has a 5 quart “Cook and Crisp” basket. The convertible rack also increases its cooking capacity, allowing you to cook more than one dish at a time.

You can use this rack for steaming and broiling your meal. The rack can efficiently hold eight chicken breasts in a single setting while the basket can hold up to 7 lb whole chicken.

Parts of the Pressure Cooker:

The Ninja Foodi Deluxe 8 qt pressure cooker comes with the following sections to ease your cooking:

  • Deluxe Reversible Rack. It also comes with an additional layer to increase your cooking capacity.
  • Five qt Cook and Crisp Basket with a detachable diffuser.
  • This cooker also has a crisping lid.
  • Eight qt Cooking pot with a pressure lid. This pot is used for steaming, pressure cook, bake and roast, dehydrate, sauté, and yogurt functions.
  • The basket and rack are used for air frying and broiling. These can be used for baking and roasting as well. Also, the rack is used for dehydrating your frozen food.

Nine-in-one Function:

The versatile 9 in one function of this cooker is one of the main reasons why customers love this cooker so much. The nine functions of this cooker are- pressurizing, dehydrating or defrosting, baking or roasting, steaming, slow cooking, broiling, air frying, searing or sauté, and making yogurt.

You can use the pressure option when you want to maintain the tenderness of your dish.

The dehydrating option allows you to defrost fruits, snacks, or even meat within twenty minutes.

By choosing the bake option, you can use this pressure cooker as an oven to bake and roast your favorites.

There are some delicate dishes which need more gentle cooking. For this purpose, you can use the steam option to cook your food at the required temperature mildly.

On days when you need to cook your delicacies slower than your usual cooking pace, you can use the slow cook option. This lowers the temperature of the cooker, and you can prepare your food as you desire.

There are times when you may want to sauté your fresh vegetables or sear your meat. For this, there is a sear and sauté option, while the broiling option allows you to caramelize your food at high temperatures.

Also, by choosing the yogurt option, you can make delicious and creamy yogurt at the comfort of your very home.


Control Panel:

This cooker comes with a digital control panel that makes cooking very efficient and more comfortable. This control panel has six main controls, including the nine cooking options. The six main controls which are included in the control panel are:

FUNCTION – You need to press the ‘FUNCTION’ button first, and then turn on the “START/STOP” for your desired function.

TEMP Button – You can select your preferred temperature for cooking by pressing the “TEMP” button and rotating the “START/STOP” knob.

TIME – After selecting the temperature, press the “TIME” button. And then, turn the “START/STOP” knob to select your required cooking time.

START/STOP knob or dial – This button is used for selecting the temperature, time, and cooking option. After adjusting the temperature and time to your desired level and duration, you can turn this knob to select your cooking function. Then, press this button to start cooking. While your food is cooking, you can press this button again to stop.

KEEP WARM – This option is used while you pressurize, slow cook, or steam your food. After your food is cooked, it automatically switches to this option to keep your food warm. You can press the “KEEP WARM” button to turn it off.

POWER BUTTON – This button shuts down your cooker completely.

Cooking Tips:

Some small ingredients might not fit and fall through the reversible rack. You can avoid this by wrapping your ingredients in a foil or parchment paper before putting them on the rack.

After you are done pressure cooking your food, you should make sure that there is no liquid in the pot before air-crisping your food for the best results.

While browning your food, make sure to put your ingredients out evenly instead of over-lapping them on each other. Over-lapping of ingredients will result in uneven browning.

If you keep your food on the “Keep Warm” mode for too long, it might dry out your meal. So make sure to keep checking your food and turn this mode off on time. Also, if you want to reheat your food, use the “Air Crisping” mode.

Never use this product without the cooking pot. While using the basket and rack, make sure to put them in the cooking pot and not without it.

Do not use this product for deep frying your food.


Cleaning and Maintenance Tips:

You can use either hand-wash it or use a dish-wash to clean this pressure cooker.

Always make sure to turn off your cooker and unplug it from the socket before you start with the cleaning.

Do not wash the base of the cooker and the control panel with water. This may damage the cooker. You can instead use a clean cloth to wipe and clean it.

The other parts, such as the cooking pot, Cook and Crisp basket, convertible rack, diffuser, and the pressure lid, can be washed with water and even in the dishwasher. However, do not use any harsh scrubbers to clean or remove oily spots.

For cleaning the air crisping lid, allow it to cool first. Then you can clean it by wiping off the dirt with a cloth or a paper towel.

After washing the parts of the pressure cooker, allow air-drying. Do not use them when they are wet.


  • This product cooks food faster than most traditional cooking methods.
  • It is easy to use and simple
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It cuts down the need to purchase other cooking equipment like air-fryers, ovens, etc.
  • Digital control panel
  • This cooker comes with an additional recipe book
  • A great way of making low-fat and gluten-free recipes


  • It might take some extra space and is quite heavy
  • It does not have a delayed cook function
  • The air-fryer lid is not removable. Thus while using the pressurizing cover, the air-fryer lid needs to be in an up position. Make sure to have a convenient upper space for this purpose.

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Customer Reviews:

There are over 4,000 customer reviews on Amazon for this product. It has a shining 4.8 stars out of 5. Customers have loved this product and enjoyed cooking in it. Along with its features, customers have loved the simplicity of this cooker. It is not only easy to use but also easy to clean.

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