Pork Higadillo: Origin, Serving, and Storage Tips

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What is pork higadillo?

Pork higadillo is a Filipino dish made of ground pork liver and onions. It is usually served with steamed rice. To make pork higadillo, start by heating oil in a pan over medium heat. Add the onions and cook until softened, then add the ground pork liver and cook until browned. Add salt and pepper to taste, then serve with steamed rice.

Let’s look at what pork higadillo is, how it’s made, and why it’s such a popular dish in the Philippines.

Pork Higadillo

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What Exactly is Pork Higadillo?

Pork Higadillo is a popular Filipino dish that is widely known and loved throughout the country. It is a stew-like dish made with pork liver, potatoes, and carrots, simmered in a sauce made with soy sauce, vinegar, and ginger. The dish is usually served with steamed rice and is a common food that is served during special occasions and service.

The Fascinating Origin of Pork Higadillo

Pork Higadillo is a classic Filipino dish that has been widely known and loved throughout the country for many years. The dish is a stew that employs pig liver as its heart and soul, creating a warm and delicious meal that is sure to satisfy anyone’s appetite. The dish is also called “Ginagmay” in some parts of the Philippines.

The Spanish Influence

The dish’s name is derived from the Spanish word “higado,” which means liver. The Philippines was colonized by the Spanish for over 300 years, and during that time, the Spanish introduced many new foods and cooking techniques to the Filipino people. Pork Higadillo is just one of the many dishes that the Filipinos adapted from the Spanish cuisine.

The Japanese Version

Pork Higadillo has also been adapted by the Japanese, who have their own version of the dish. The Japanese version is pretty similar to the Filipino version, but it uses beef instead of pork and soy sauce instead of tomato sauce. The Japanese version is called “Higado Nikomi,” and it is equally delicious.

The Ingredients and Preparation

To prepare Pork Higadillo (here’s the full recipe), you will need the following ingredients:

  • Pork liver, thinly sliced into strips
  • Pork, sliced into small pieces
  • Carrots, sliced into small pieces
  • Potatoes, sliced into small pieces
  • Tomato sauce
  • Soy sauce
  • Salt and seasonings
  • Cup of water

To cook Pork Higadillo, follow these steps:

1. Heat a pan and pour in the sliced pork and liver.
2. Add the sliced carrots and potatoes.
3. Pour in the tomato sauce and soy sauce.
4. Add salt and seasonings to taste.
5. Add a cup of water and simmer until the pork and liver are cooked.
6. Serve warm with rice.

How to Enjoy Pork Higadillo to the Fullest

  • Before serving, make sure to remove excess oil from the dish by gently scooping it out with a spoon or using a paper towel to absorb it.
  • If desired, you can add sliced potatoes, bell peppers, or green peas to the dish for added nutrition and flavor.
  • To serve, simply ladle the pork higadillo into a bowl and top with a sprinkle of green onions.
  • You can also serve it with steamed rice or bread on the side to complete your meal.

Creating a Delicious Sauce for Pork Higadillo

  • To make a delicious sauce for your pork higadillo, simply mix soy sauce, vinegar, and tomato sauce in a small bowl.
  • Add a pinch of salt and sugar to taste, and stir until completely combined.
  • Pour the sauce over the pork higadillo before serving, or serve it on the side for added convenience.

Trying Different Varieties of Pork Higadillo

  • While the pork version is the most popular, you can also try making higadillo with beef, chicken, or even liver.
  • For a Japanese twist, try adding a marinade of soy sauce, sake, and mirin to the pork before cooking.
  • You can also increase the heat by adding red pepper flakes or strong spices like bay leaves to the dish.

Leftover Pork Higadillo: How to Store it for Later

When you have leftover pork higadillo, it’s important to store it properly to prevent spoilage and to make sure it stays fresh for later. Here are some tips on how to store your leftover pork higadillo:

  • Let the dish cool down to room temperature before storing it.
  • Transfer the pork higadillo to an airtight container. Make sure to remove excess sauce or marinade before storing.
  • Refrigerate the pork higadillo within two hours of cooking it.
  • If you plan to store it for more than three days, freeze it instead.

How Long Can You Store Leftover Pork Higadillo?

Leftover pork higadillo can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days. If you plan to store it for longer than three days, freeze it instead. When frozen, pork higadillo can last for up to three months.

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Pork Soups and Stews

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Pork Breads and Pastries

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Other Pork Favorites

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Pork Higadillo is a delicious Filipino dish made with pork liver, potatoes, and carrots, simmered in a sauce made from soy sauce, vinegar, and ginger. It’s a great way to enjoy a unique and flavorful meal.

So, don’t be afraid to try something new and give it a go!

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