Aebleskiver: The Danish Delight You Need to Try Today!

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Aebleskiver is a delicious Danish pancake that’s similar to a waffle. It’s made in a special pan with half-spherical indentations, which gives it a crispy crust on the outside and a soft, fluffy interior.

Let’s look at the history, ingredients, and how to make this delicious treat.

What is Aebleskiver

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Discovering the Delicious World of Aebleskiver

Aebleskiver is a traditional Danish dish that is typically served as a breakfast course. These little treats are similar to pancakes, but with a unique texture and shape. Aebleskivers are usually cooked in a special pan with half-spherical molds, which means they have a crispy crust on the outside and a light and fluffy interior.

How is Aebleskiver Prepared?

Making aebleskiver is easy and fun, and you don’t need any special skills or equipment. Here’s a simple recipe to get you started:


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 eggs, separated
  • 2 cups milk
  • 4 tablespoons melted butter
  • Powdered sugar, for topping
  • Apple sauce or maple syrup, for serving

1. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar.
2. In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form.
3. In another bowl, mix together the egg yolks, milk, and melted butter.
4. Gently fold the egg yolk mixture into the dry ingredients until just combined.
5. Fold in the egg whites until no white streaks remain.
6. Heat the aebleskiver pan over medium heat and brush each mold with melted butter.
7. Pour about 1 tablespoon of batter into each mold.
8. Continue to pour batter into each mold until it is about 3/4 full.
9. Cook for a couple of minutes until the bottom is golden brown.
10. Using a fork or skewer, gently turn the aebleskiver over and cook for another couple of minutes until the other side is golden brown.
11. Serve hot with powdered sugar, apple sauce or maple syrup.

What are the Varieties of Aebleskiver?

Aebleskivers can be prepared in many ways, and there are several traditional and modern varieties to choose from. Here are some examples:

  • Traditional Danish aebleskivers are usually served with apple sauce and powdered sugar.
  • Some people like to add chopped apples or other fruits to the batter for a fruity twist.
  • Aebleskivers can also be topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or jam.
  • Savory aebleskivers can be made with cheese, bacon, or herbs for a more filling snack or appetizer.

How Do You Pronounce Aebleskiver?

Aebleskiver is a Danish word that can be hard to pronounce for non-native speakers. Here’s a guide to help you out:

  • In Danish, aebleskiver is pronounced “æbleskiver” (æ sounds like “eh”).
  • In English, aebleskiver is usually pronounced “able-skeevers” or “ebble-skeevers”.
  • Some people also pronounce it as “apple-skivers” because of the apple sauce traditionally served with it.

Where Can You Find Aebleskiver?

Aebleskiver can be hard to find in the United States, but there are a few ways to get your hands on them:

  • Some specialty stores and European markets may carry aebleskiver pans and mixes.
  • You can also find aebleskiver pans and mixes online.
  • Some restaurants and cafes may serve aebleskivers as a special dish.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try making aebleskivers at home using the recipe above.

The Apple-Filled History of Aebleskiver

The word “aebleskiver” is derived from the Danish word “æbleskiver,” which translates to “apple slices.” However, the dish itself does not contain any apples. The origin of aebleskiver is not exact, but there is speculation that it was invented during the Middle Ages when farmers would harvest apples and wrap them in cake batter before frying them. Over time, the dish evolved into the spherical shape we know today.

The Viking Connection

Aebleskiver is generally known as a Nordic or Scandinavian dish, and it is believed that the Vikings may have played a role in its creation. During the Viking Age, warriors would cook pancakes on their shields over an open fire. Aebleskiver pans are similar in shape to shields, and it’s possible that the dish was formed by cooks who wished to replicate the Viking pancake.

The Ideal Aebleskiver

Aebleskiver is a type of pancake that is typically cooked in cast iron or nonstick pans with spherical indentations in the center. The ideal aebleskiver is hard on the outside and soft in the middle, with a flavor that is similar to a waffle. A variety of batters can be used to make aebleskiver, including maple and fruit-flavored batters.

The Aebleskiver Experience

Preparing aebleskiver can be a fun and delicious experience. Here are some tips for making the perfect aebleskiver:

  • Use a nonstick or cast iron pan with spherical indentations in the center.
  • Heat the pan over medium-high heat and brush each indentation with butter or oil.
  • Spoon batter into each indentation, filling it about three-quarters of the way full.
  • As the batter begins to cook, use a skewer or fork to scoop and turn the aebleskiver, forming a ball shape.
  • Cook the aebleskiver until they are golden brown on all sides.
  • Serve the aebleskiver hot, dusted with powdered sugar and accompanied by your favorite toppings.

Whether you’re a seasoned aebleskiver cook or trying it for the first time, this Nordic treat is sure to be a hit at any gathering.

Preparing the Perfect Aebleskiver

Before you start making aebleskiver, it’s important to gather all the necessary ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 cups of all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 cups of milk
  • 4 tablespoons of melted butter
  • Powdered sugar for dusting
  • Apple sauce or maple syrup for dipping

Preparing the Batter

Once you have all the ingredients, it’s time to prepare the batter. Follow these steps:
1. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt.
2. In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs until they’re light and fluffy.
3. Add the milk and melted butter to the eggs and whisk until combined.
4. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix gently until just combined. Be careful not to overmix the batter as it can make the aebleskiver tough.
5. Fold in any additional ingredients you’d like, such as diced apples or blackberries.

Serving and Enjoying

Once the aebleskiver is cooked, remove them from the pan and place them on a sheet to cool for a couple of minutes. Here’s how to serve and enjoy them:
1. Dust the aebleskiver with powdered sugar.
2. Spread some apple sauce or maple syrup on top or serve it on the side for dipping.
3. Grab a fork and dig in!

Keeping the Tradition Alive: Aebleskiver Traditions

Aebleskiver is a traditional Danish dish that has been around for centuries. In Denmark, aebleskiver is a common food during Christmas time, but it is also enjoyed year-round. The recipe for aebleskiver varies from region to region, and each family has its own special way of preparing it. In fact, some families even have their own special tool for making aebleskiver!

Modern Twists

While traditional aebleskiver is still popular in Denmark, there are many modern twists on this classic dish. In fact, aebleskiver has become a popular menu item at many restaurants in the United States. Here are some modern twists on aebleskiver:

  • Some people like to add savory ingredients to their aebleskiver batter, such as cheese or herbs.
  • Instead of using a traditional aebleskiver pan, some people use an electric aebleskiver maker.
  • Aebleskiver can also be made in different shapes, such as heart-shaped or star-shaped.
  • Aebleskiver can be served with a variety of toppings, such as fruit, whipped cream, or even bacon.

Keeping the Tradition Alive

Despite the many modern twists on aebleskiver, it’s important to keep the tradition alive. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Learn about the history of aebleskiver and its importance in Danish culture.
  • Use a traditional aebleskiver pan and tool to make your aebleskiver.
  • Stick to the traditional ingredients, such as flour, sugar, eggs, and milk.
  • Serve your aebleskiver with traditional toppings, such as maple syrup or powdered sugar.
  • Share your aebleskiver with friends and family, and pass down the recipe to future generations.


So there you have it- everything you need to know about aebleskivers. They’re a delicious Danish treat that can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack, and are pretty easy to make at home.

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