Alternative to okonomiyaki sauce: 3 best substitutes

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  December 13, 2020

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Okonomiyaki is delicious on its own, but when you add okonomiyaki sauce to it then it makes it taste even better.

This dish is a popular one in Japan that is packed with a lot of flavors. But if you either don’t like okonomiyaki sauce or can’t get any more of it for whatever reason you may want to consider an alternative sauce.

Luckily there are several options to go with when you need something different for your okonomiyaki.

Alternatives to okonomiyaki sauce

Some great alternatives to okonomiyaki sauce

When you need something fairly close to okonomiyaki sauce, you might want to consider using oyster sauce. It is the same color and consistency as okonomiyaki sauce. Since oyster extract is often an ingredient of okonomiyaki sauce, it makes sense to use this kind of sauce as an alternative.

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Okonomiyaki sauce also tastes very similar to Worcester sauce. While Worcester sauce isn’t as thick it does make for a decent alternative.

Believe it or not, takoyaki sauce also goes really well with okonomiyaki. Since they are similar types of food, you can combine sauces from them and it will work well together.

So the next time you need a sauce for your okonomiyaki but either don’t want the okonomiyaki sauce or don’t have any, try some of the options listed above!

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