Best Copper Frying Pans Reviewed: from budget to top of the line

by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  September 15, 2020
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If you are passionate about cooking, you know the cookware you use makes a big difference in how the food turns out.

When it comes to the material you use for cookware, copper is a favorite.

Copper is known for being a great heat conductor. It is a durable material that is hygienic, anti-bacterial, and corrosion-resistant.

Best copper frying pans reviewed

Because copper is so good at conducting heat, the heat spreads throughout the cookware instead of concentrating in one place. This helps provide excellent heat distribution and it protects against scorching.

There are several types of cookware that are available in copper including pots of all sizes and various pans including frying pans. If you are interested in purchasing a copper frying pan, this article will provide information on what to look out for and recommend which pans are the best.

Let’s check out the top choices real quick, after that, I’ll get into a little more detail about each of these:

Copper Frying pans Images
Best Cheap Copper Frying Pan with a LidHome Hero 8” Best Copper Frying Pan with a Lid: Home Hero 8”

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Best Budget Square Frying Pan Set: Copper Chef Square Stack-able Best Budget Square Frying Pan Set: Copper Chef Square Stack-able

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What to Look for in a Copper Frying Pan

While copper is a good conductor of heat and therefore a kitchen favorite, not all copper frying pans are created equal. Here’s some things to look for when you are shopping for one of these items.


Copper is reactive. It interacts with acidic food. In time, these foods can leach the copper causing it to get into food. Because copper is unsafe to eat, copper cookware comes with a lining. The type of lining used can affect the quality of the cookware.

Tin is a common material for copper cookware lining. It doesn’t react with acidic foods and it’s naturally nonstick.

However, tin also has a low melting point (around 450 degrees Fahrenheit). Therefore, pans can get easily damaged if left over high heat.

Tin is also soft and can wear away with excessive scrubbing.

While tin is often used for copper pan lining, stainless steel is even more popular. Stainless steel is way more durable than tin. However, unlike tin, it does not have any natural no-stick properties.

Also, when tin wears away, you can have your cookware re-tinned. With stainless steel, you are out of luck.


Another important thing to consider is the thickness of the pan.

In general, pans should be 2.5 to 3 mm. thick. If they are any thicker, they will not be able to heat food well and if they are thinner, they will not be able to heat food evenly.

Although some believe that the method used to produce the copper can have some affect on its quality, this has not been found to be true.

Frying Pan Features

While the thickness and lining are properties that will pertain specifically to copper frying pans, there are some things you will want to look for in any frying pan you buy. Here are some things to consider.

Best Copper Frying Pans reviewed

Now that you know what to look for in a copper frying pan, here are a few that are recommended.

Best Cheap Copper Frying Pan with a Lid: Home Hero 8”

Best Copper Frying Pan with a Lid: Home Hero 8”

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A lid is a great feature to have on a frying pan. It keeps food warm and limits splatter.

This Home Hero pan is a favorite because it suitable for all stovetops. It has a nonstick coating that provides optimal heat distribution and makes it easy to clean.

It is 2.8 mm thick giving it an edge over most 2.5mm pans, yet it still allows food to get warm. At 8” in diameter, it is ideal for heating small amounts of food items at once.

It weighs 2.69 lbs. making it easy to use.

Both the lid and pan are dishwasher and oven safe.



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Best Budget Square Frying Pan Set: Copper Chef Square Stack-able

Best Budget Square Frying Pan Set: Copper Chef Square Stack-able

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These frying pans, or griddle pans, are perfect for cooking breakfast foods like bacon, sausage, French toast and pancakes as well as grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas.

This set includes griddle pans in a variety of sizes including 8”, 11”, and 9.5”. Each griddle pan comes with a lid.

In addition to the pans, the set comes with a grilling sheet and an attachment that can be put on the bottom to enhance heat induction.

Because the pans are square, they provide more space to heat up food than round pans. They are oven safe up to 850 degrees.

They have double riveted handles that adds to the pans’ durability and they are PTFE and PFOA free. They are nonstick and easy to clean.



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Now that you know your options for copper frying pans, which will you be using in your kitchen?

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