5 best Substitutes for Golden Syrup

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What Is Golden Syrup

Golden syrup is the most famous sweetener that is like honey and corn syrup. It is vital in the  UK’s most famous dessert, the molasses tart. Golden syrup made of sugar cane.

People will evaporate the sugar cane to create the syrup. Some people call it a nutty flavor, while others love its brown color. Unlike the solid form of granulated sugar, people mainly produce golden syrup from the fresh honey drip from the farm. It is easy to store in the fridges without concern that the cold weather will cause the syrup to harden or crystallize.

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Golden-Syrup-1024x538 Top 5 Best Golden Syrup Alternatives

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is our best choice substitute for golden syrup. The consistency and taste are similar in that we can substitute them at a one-to-one ratio, although the corn syrup is creamier. The texture is golden syrup the same as corn syrup.


Honey has its perfect way as a substitute for golden syrup, which is golden syrup honey. Many housemakers have it in their kitchen. The sweetness is 90% similar, but honey will balance the flavor.

Maple Syrup

You can use maple syrup to replace it. However, the flavor will differ. If possible, use grade lighter maple syrup and flavor than grade B. If you are using maple pancake syrup, it will give a potent maple flavor.


Molasses has a much darker flavor and thicker consistency than any syrup. You will taste it slightly bitter and burnt. If you choose molasses, try 1/3 molasses and 2/3 corn syrup to reduce the taste.

Jack cheese is also a perfect replacement.  You have numerous types of jack cheese to consider. The first suggestion is monterey jack cheese spicy. It is spicy but tasty. The type that is suitable for all customers is Monterey Jack Cheese Healthy. Finally, our utmost suggestion is Monterey Jack Cheese Vegetarian.

Rice Syrup

Rice syrup, with a slightly caramelized flavor, is perfect for changing your habits. We can use it in baking as a total replacement for sugar. It is also necessary to think about reducing the dose of the liquid, to avoid having a too fluid preparation. Even if its glycemic index is high, it is rich in minerals and therefore more interesting, nutritionally.

Tips on Using the Replacement For Golden Syrup

We have seen that raw honey should not be overheated to preserve all benefits. So do not add raw honey to fiery liquid. If you want to use it to sweeten your hot drinks, wait until the liquid is lukewarm.

To be sure to benefit from all the virtues of honey, we recommend consuming it directly with a teaspoon, letting it melt in your mouth. You can also spread it during your breakfast. It can also be added to your cold preparations such as your yogurts, compotes, fruit juice, or salad dressing. If you want to increase its benefits, you can also consume honey and propolis together.

How To Make Golden Syrup


  • 200 grams of sugar
  • 50 grams of water
  • 1kg of sugar
  • 600 grams of boiling water
  • 50ml of lemon juice

How to do it?

How to make golden syrup? Pour the first 200 grams of sugar together with 50 grams of water at room temperature in a large non-stick pan with a high bottom. Put on low heat to make the sugar caramelize and take on a golden color.

Pour the hot water, lemonade and a kilo of sugar then cook over low heat for one hour. The ideal temperature for cooking is between 110 and 115 degrees. So, if you do not have a thermometer for sweets you need to check its consistency which must be more liquid than classic honey.

Let it cool completely and place in jars for preservation. Consume a couple of days after preparation so it compacts better. Once prepared, the mixture is liquid. It is necessary to cool it so that it stabilizes and solidifies a little. If it should be too hard once cold, it means that it has been cooked for too long and has lost all the water.

Here, it must be put back into the pot with a little boiling water and melted for a few minutes. Conversely, if it is too liquid, we must put it back in the pot without water so that it reduces. Arranged in sterilized and tightly closed jars, the homemade golden syrup keeps for about six months. The older you get, the tastier and tastier it becomes.



Golden Syrup VS Honey


For gourmets who like it on toast, choose honey from your region. Many products sold commercially are made from honey from far away. And the assurance of the absence of pesticide treatment is uncertain.

Golden Syrup VS Molasses

Molasses have another advantage over cane juice. It can travel without shuddering even in countries where the cane does not grow. Historically, any distillery relied on a sugar refinery. Today, this integration has become rare on the rum menu.

Some of the oldest rum-producing islands (Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Grenada, and the Bahamas) must now import their molasses to meet their needs. Brazil and Guyana are also major exporters. Molasses is also used to produce ethanol and agrofuels, but it is another story.




Golden syrup USA, made from cornstarch, is an American product. We can use it as a replacement for sugar. It can be flavored with vanilla extract and is regularly mentioned in some American pastry recipes such as the famous pecan pie.

But which product can we replace it with? In this article, we have introduced our five best alternatives. We also have another article about can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil, canola oil, peanut oil, or grapeseed oil ?

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