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Can I Use Okonomiyaki Sauce for Takoyaki? You certainly can

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While takoyaki is incredibly delicious on its own, what completes the dish is the sauce that is drizzled onto the small balls of takoyaki.

But what if you either run out of takoyaki sauce? What if you like takoyaki, but don’t like the sauce that it comes with?

Is there an alternative in this scenario? Can you substitute takoyaki sauce with a similar sauce? You can certainly do that!

Use okonomiyaki sauce for takoyaki

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Okonomiyaki sauce as a substitute

Turns out there is a sauce that is fairly similar to takoyaki sauce that you can use as a substitute.

Can you use okonomiyaki sauce on your takoyaki?

Okonomiyaki sauce is used for savory pancakes known as okonomiyaki. While there are a few differences between okonomiyaki and takoyaki, the sweet and mellow taste of the okonomiyaki sauce goes great with takoyaki!

If you need a substitute for any reason, okonomiyaki sauce is a great option to drizzle onto your takoyaki.

It also works the other way around mind you, with takoyaki sauce as an okonomiyaki sauce alternative.

Are there any noticeable differences between okonomiyaki and takoyaki sauce?

Yes, and this is the only drawback to using okonomiyaki sauce as a substitute for takoyaki sauce. One of the big differences is that okonomiyaki sauce is a thicker consistency than takoyaki sauce.

Takoyaki sauce has a much thinner consistency to it. While this is a noticeable difference, it isn’t one that is necessarily a dealbreaker when it comes to using okonomiyaki as a substitute for takoyaki sauce.

Another difference, and one that you will quickly notice, is that the two sauces taste different. As mentioned above, okonomiyaki sauce has a sweeter taste to it.

On the other hand, takoyaki sauce is much more savory since it is made with soy sauce. Not only that, but takoyaki sauce often has a little bit of a spicy kick to it.

As you can see there are a few differences, but okonomiyaki sauce makes a great alternative to put on your takoyaki. It is certainly helpful to have a good substitute on hand!

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