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Chicken Gravy Recipe (KFC Style Gravy)

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Everyone loves Fried Chicken especially the kids. Ask them what’s their favorite food and they‘d be answering Fried Chicken in unison.

But for them to enjoy their chicken better, you have to prepare “Gravy”. Fried Chicken without Sauce will make you feel that something is missing.

Children and even some adults love pouring Gravy all over their Chicken and some even like it over the rice. Gravy is a thick brown sauce made from the juices of meats.

The Chicken Gravy Recipe though is the best for Fried Chicken. It’s one of the favorite Filipino Foods, especially of the kids.

Chicken Gravy Recipe (KFC Style Gravy)

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Chicken Gravy Recipe Tips & Preparation

The Preparation and Cooking time of the Chicken Gravy Recipe is very easy and fast; it will take just a few minutes.

You would just have to gather the juices that came out from the chicken while you were frying it and add some Cornstarch to make it thick.

You don’t need any seasoning for it because the meat juice will give the Gravy that very distinct flavor.

Many variations of the Sauce have emerged through the years but the Chicken Gravy is still on top of the list.

Make sure that you are using a good quality of cooking oil and fresh chicken. Try to avoid the frozen ones. Otherwise, there will be a not so desirable taste on the chicken thus affecting the juice.

Pure Gravy
Be mindful of your cooking time because if it stays too long on the stove, it might develop a bitter taste or lump.

You also have to be careful about the measurement of the Cornstarch or All-Purpose Flour (APF) as well as its quality. This is to ensure that this recipe will taste really good.

By the way, you can add a pinch of powdered pepper for some added taste. Don’t overdo it though because not everyone loves spicy hot foods or sauces.

Just try going neutral so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful taste of your Gravy.
Chicken Gravy Recipe
Most of the time, the Chicken Gravy Recipe is partnered with meatloaf, roasts and mashed potatoes. Some may also have rice depending on your choice.

Some would rather have it with just the Chicken and Potatoes. This may not provide you with any vitamins or minerals but it’s ok to have it on your cheat day anyway.

For the food lovers out there, this is a must try for all of you. You will definitely enjoy savoring this mouthwatering Recipe once you’ve tried it yourself.

If you’re a mom, you can be sure that your kids will fall in love with your recipe that they won’t be asking you to order Chicken Gravy somewhere else.
Crispy Chicken with Gravy
Remember that they always say that “Sawsawan” like Sweet and Sour Sauce and many other is the life of a Fried Chicken or any Fried dish so be ready to come up with the best recipe.

Not only will your friends and kids love it; they will also be waiting for the next round of Gravy.

So for the mommies, try exploring into your kitchen so you can come up with something that the kids will absolutely love.

Check out our new cookbook

Bitemybun's family recipes with complete meal planner and recipe guide.

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