How much Ramen Per Person? This is how much you’ll need

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  December 15, 2020
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Ramen noodles are a classic way to eat well while saving money.

How many people can split one pack of ramen? That depends on whether it’s intended for adults or children. Age, gender and eating habits will also play into it.

First, check the package for weight and serving size suggestions. Packs come in a range between 43g to 566g.

How much ramen do you need per person


It is common for one pack is often for one to two normal adults.

If two active men are trying to split a pack, chances are, it won’t be a good option. But one ramen pack could feed between two or three women.


For children, you may be able to split the pack even more. If under five years, you could divide it four ways. If older, it will depend on their eating habits. More than likely, though, you’ll be able to feed more than two with one package of ramen.

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Think Before You Cook

The important thing is to check the package for suggested serving sizes. Compare that information with the number, ages and eating habits of the people involved. Do this before determining how many people one package will feed.

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