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Is teriyaki sauce vegan? Check the ingredients!

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Teriyaki sauce is a delicious ingredient you can use in a variety of recipes. It is sweet and tangy and gives you that authentic Japanese taste.

However, if you are vegan, you may be wondering if you can eat teriyaki sauce.

Is teriyaki sauce vegan? Check the ingredients!

Teriyaki sauce is naturally vegan since it is plant-based. However, some teriyaki sauces include honey or fish sauce as an ingredient. Since honey and fish sauce are not vegan, not all teriyaki sauces are vegan. To be sure, read the ingredient list on the bottle.

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How do I know if my teriyaki sauce is vegan?

To be sure your teriyaki sauce is vegan, you must be able to read the ingredient list.

Since this is not always possible in a restaurant, you might want to avoid ordering food that is served with a teriyaki sauce, or at least ask if there are alternatives available.

If you can read the ingredient list, check for ingredients like honey, lactic acid, and fish oil. To really be sure that your teriyaki sauce is vegan, you can make it yourself.

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What are the main ingredients in teriyaki sauce?

The four main ingredients in teriyaki sauce are:

  • soy sauce
  • sake or mirin
  • sugar
  • ginger

These ingredients are all vegan-friendly.

However, some teriyaki sauces also contain honey, lactic acid, and/or fish oil. If your teriyaki sauce contains any of these ingredients, it is not vegan.

FAQ vegan teriyaki sauce

Is the teriyaki sauce served at restaurants vegan?

It is hard to say whether or not a restaurant uses vegan teriyaki sauce in its food. Therefore, you should not assume that the teriyaki sauce served with your food is vegan.

Some teriyaki sauces contain honey and/or fish oil. Both of these ingredients are not vegan-friendly.

What are some vegan recipes I can use teriyaki sauce with?

Some vegan recipes that you can add teriyaki sauce to include tofu (I have a great teriyaki tofu recipe here for you), vegan tacos, pasta, rice, veggie burgers, salad, and fried mushrooms.

What are some brands that make vegan teriyaki sauce?

Some brands offer vegan-friendly teriyaki sauce. These brands include:

Is soy sauce vegan?

Yes, soy sauce is vegan. The ingredients in soy sauce are not animal-derived.

However, you should use caution because some soy sauce has added ingredients that may not be vegan-friendly. Read the ingredient list to make sure the soy sauce you are using is vegan.

What are some Chinese sauces that are vegan?

Vegan Chinese sauces include black bean sauce, plum sauce, Hoisin, hot and sour sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and char siu sauce.

If you are planning to order Chinese takeout and want to order something vegan, you may have to ask if a particular dish is vegan.

You shouldn’t assume sauces are vegan. A lot of them include fish oil, lactic acid, and honey.


Teriyaki sauce is delicious, but if it has animal-derived ingredients, it is not vegan. It is hard to say if teriyaki sauce is vegan. That’s because some teriyaki sauces are and others aren’t.

To find out if teriyaki sauce is vegan, you must read the ingredient list. Ingredients like honey, lactic acid, and fish oil are not vegan.

In order for teriyaki sauce to be considered vegan, it must not contain any of these ingredients.

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