Types of Kitchen Tools & Equipment & Their Uses with Pictures

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First, we need to understand the classification of kitchen supplies. We must configure differently different kitchen appliances that need to differ from the owner’s kitchen decoration style.

The editor today mainly introduces kitchen utensils. The focus is on some relevant knowledge and characteristic analysis of kitchen utensils.

So, the customers can choose from various aspects. Types of kitchen tools and equipment

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Kitchenware is a collective term for kitchen utensils. We can divide it into two types according to the occasion of use: commercial kitchen utensils and household kitchen utensils. Commercial kitchen appliances are available in hotels or restaurants, while we use household appliances in households. Kitchenware includes the following five categories:

  • Storage utensils
  • Washing utensils
  • Conditioning utensils
  • Cooking utensils
  • Catering utensils.

We divide storage appliances into two parts: food storage and appliance storage. Everyone knows that refrigeration is a refrigerator. The storage of tableware is ideal for tableware, cooking utensils, and tableware. People store storage utensils in various base cabinets, wall cabinets, and multi-functional compartments. The washing utensils include water systems, drainage systems, washbasins, and washing cabinets.

The conditioning tools section includes countertops, cooking tools, and tableware. As the quality of life improves, people’s requirements for living standards are getting higher. So, there are various food cutting tools, juice presses, brewing tools, and other convenient tools on the market.

Cooking utensils include stoves and heating tools. Many cookers and microwave ovens have appeared one after another, enriching people’s kitchen life and making cooking easier.

Usage Introduction

Storage Supplies

With the kitchen having a lot of food and vegetables, storage supplies are more convenient. It includes refrigerators and cabinets. The cabinet can store tableware with its storage function is excellent.


Washing Supplies

This equipment is also vital, including sinks, drainage facilities, and hot and cold water supply systems. We should place tableware in a disinfection cabinet so that we can disinfect it after washing.


Conditioning Supplies

Conditioning supplies include countertops, finishing, cutting vegetables, preparing tools, and utensils. But today’s kitchen is indispensable for cutting machines, juicers, and creative knives.



Cooking Utensils

The utilization rate of cooking utensils is very high, mainly including stoves, stoves, etc., which are indispensable. Nowadays, new cookware enters the kitchen, such as the induction cooker, microwave oven, oven. They have become the most popular kitchenware.


Catering Supplies

Catering supplies include bowls, chopsticks, spoons, forks, tableware, and other tableware. They are essential tools in daily life.

Catering supplies include bowls, chopsticks, spoons, forks, tableware, and other tableware. They are essential tools in daily life.


29 Essential Utensils To Have In Your Kitchen

  • Pressure cooker: it allows you to steam food and make simmered preparations with shorter cooking times than in a traditional casserole dish. Check Instant Pot Ultra 8 Qt 10in1
  • Saucepans: It is impossible to cook without a pan. The ideal is to have five. Whatever material we take them off, they must be suitable for the type of stove and hob (gas, electricity, or induction).
  • Casserole dish: The casserole dish with a lid allows simmering and slow cooking. It is suitable for dishes in sauce. You can prefer an oven-proof casserole dish, made of cast iron and large enough to put the poultry in it.
  • Knife: Like pots and pans, knives are part of the basic equipment. You need to have a carving knife, a small knife with a finely serrated blade, a vegetable peeler, or a peeler.
  • Wooden spoon: It is useful for working on preparations and not damaging the bottoms of frying pans or saucepans.
  • Skimmer: As a large flat spoon full of small holes, the skimmer allows you to skim short bouillons or to collect food floating in their cooking liquid (poached eggs).
  • Funnel: Without being completely unavoidable, the funnel can be invaluable for transferring by avoiding putting it everywhere.
  • Pastry rack: Also called pastry flap, the grid is practical for unfolding and cooling cakes, pies. and pieces of bread.
  • Ladle: The ladle makes it easy to serve soup. It can also take liquids or food from deep containers.
  • Cooking pot: The pot has its uses to cook food in a large quantity of liquid.
  • Blender or mixer: The mixer is a hand blender that allows you to prepare purees, soups, or even certain sauces. The mixer is used to beat the egg whites, whip the cream, and prepare sauces. It can combine all these utensils and even knead, chop, and grate. Check the best hand mixers
  • Cake molds: Among the multitude of existing molds, it seems difficult to do without a round or square snap mold, a cake mold, a souffle mold. We can also use a madeleine plate for madeleines or to bake other small cakes.
  • Pie molds: Like the cake tins, the pie or tartar tin is basic. Some have a removable bottom for easier release. The tart molds are practical, even when there is some dough left, for improvising individual quiches or pies.
  • Vegetable mill: The vegetable mill is used to make purees, compotes, coulis, and soups.
  • Strainer: This tool is indispensable for draining pasta, rice, boiled vegetables.
  • Kitchen brush: Not only can it be used to brush food, but it can also grease molds or dishes before cooking.
  • Cutting board: It is useful for cutting meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, without damaging the work surface or the fingers.
  • Baking sheet: The baking sheet is used to bake the rolled biscuit and all the small cakes such as shortbread and Choux.
  • Oven dish or gratin dish: There are several shapes of baking dish such as oval, round, square, and rectangular. These dishes are porcelain, stoneware, glass, and aluminum. Like casseroles, you need to have several and different sizes, to cook meats, poultry, grains, or certain pastries.
  • Stoves: The pan is part of the basic equipment. Better to even have two, one big and one small. The easiest way is to choose them with a non-stick coating.


The above is the editor to introduce all the contents of the kitchen utensils to you. We believe everyone has a certain understanding of the characteristics of kitchen utensils. We hope everyone can decorate the decoration effect as they expect and the above content can help you. To learn more about the wonderful home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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