Will Ramen Noodles Soften in Cold Water? Let’s find out

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  December 15, 2020

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Ramen noodles: we all know about them, we all love them. The beauty of them is that they are so easy to make (whether you make them homemade or from a package), but let’s consider the packaged version.

Ramen, flavor, hot water, and done.

It’s the easiest, most simple process, but have you ever wondered whether you can do the same thing but with cold water? Keep reading to find out more.

Will ramen noodles soften in cold water

Wait For A Little Longer

Are you unable to get a hold of hot water but you still want some ramen noodles? Not to worry, it is possible with cold water too.

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Simply flavor your packaged ramen noodles, add the water, and leave to soak for about 15 minutes rather than 3.

Will It Taste The Same?

Generally, yes, it will taste the same. Will it taste as good as when you make ramen noodles with hot water? debatable.

There’s a reason that the instructions state to use hot water, and it is probably because the flavors get soaked up just a little bit better than with cold water.

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Is It Safe To Eat Cold?

Yes, it is safe. You will have less broth than you would with hot water, and the taste might be a bit weird at first, but there are no safety or health concerns connected to eating cold ramen noodles.


To summarise, yes, your ramen noodles will soften in cold water too. You will have to wait about 15 minutes rather than 3, but eventually, they will be just as soft.

As for the flavor, it will be slightly different, as there will be less broth when the water is cold and you will not have the ‘soup’ experience.

There is no reason as to why you couldn’t eat your ramen cold, it’s simply a matter of preference.

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