Best 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  June 25, 2021

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GE PHP9036SJSS 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

GE PHP9036SJSS 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

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Frigidaire FGIC3666TB  36" Induction Cooktop

Frigidaire FGIC3666TB  36 Inch Induction Cooktop

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Kitchenaid KICU569XBL 36-Inch Induction Cooktop
Empava 36 inch Power Boost
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Assuming you already have some knowledge about induction cooktops, selecting and purchasing the most appropriate one that will suit your preferences can be a tedious and long-drawn process. You don’t want to waltz into a store and just pay for any cooktop, you have to spend quality time researching and asking questions before selecting and buying the one that will suit your preferences.

Here in this article, we have tried to simplify the process and help you select the best induction cooktop in the 36-inch category.

Why Should You Consider Buying a 36″ Induction Cooktops?

Whatever the size, a 36 induction cooktop is still an induction cooktop, the only difference is in format, they all function the same way and differ only with some few additions. So a better statement is; why you should consider an induction cooktop.

Obviously, there is no other cooking method that is quite as fast and as efficient as induction cooking. The power and accuracy are on a different level compared to electric and gas.

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The induction cooktop heats the cookware directly, so all heat is concentrated on the cookware resulting in faster cooking; this is why you can’t warm your hands while cooking because no heat is allowed to escape except the heat coming out of the cookware.

Induction cooktops always feature a glass surface, which is much easier to clean, you don’t have to worry about grease or gunk buildup.

Induction is also better in terms of energy consumption; it saves much energy, thereby preserving the total you’ll spend on electricity bills.

They have more safety features and special functions for preparing special dishes.
They are also straightforward to install and also add to the overall aesthetics of the kitchen, giving it a classy and trendy look.

What Should You Look for When Buying a 36 Induction Cooktop?

Cooktops with bells and whistles sound really cool and all, not to mention very appealing, but you should not get carried away. Obviously, it is the features that determine the usefulness of a cooktop, and if you want to get the most appropriate device for your needs, you must focus on these features when picking your cooktop.

The first and most important feature to focus on is the heating abilities of the cooktop. For the high end, the heat should be enough for cooking large amounts of food quickly, and for the low end, the temperature should be low enough to melt butter and chocolate without burning it. Once you find a cooktop meeting this condition, the next thing is to check the responsiveness of the controls.

In excellent cooktops, heat changes are instantaneous, and this prevents a lot of burning or overcooked food accidents.

Satisfied with the controls, check out the strength of cooktop stands and the build of the cooktop as a whole. If you’re going to install your cooktop on a countertop, then this won’t constitute a problem, but otherwise, you should make sure the stands are sturdy and stables, weak stands won’t last long, especially if you will be doing a lot of heavy cooking.

Once you are satisfied with all the necessary features and requirements, the next thing to focus on will be the aesthetics and the additional features. It is up to you to decide what you want your kitchen to look like with the cooktop in it, but the best choice is to always go for something easy to clean, go with the home décor, and contains some excellent additional features.

Depending on your budget, feel free to spend on whatever appeals to your preferences.

Top Rate 36 Inch Induction Cooktops

1. GE PHP9036SJSS 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

GE PHP9036SJSS 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

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GE as a brand is very much easy to review and recommend as they have made a name for themselves over the years for churning out quality products, but there are even better reasons for us to recommend this product. This unit is well designed and comes at a reasonable price with very excellent performance and features.

If you need to fry, saute, or boil, you can get the high heat you need with its Powerful 5 burners. The left two burners with 2500 watts feature the SyncBurners technology. The SyncBurner tech allows you to control the two burners at the same time. You can set both burners to the same temperature, this will enable you to use a bigger pan on both burners at the same time.

The digital control adds something of a sophisticated touch to the cooktop, and they are very responsive and accurate. It has a black ceramic surface and with a stainless steel trim, which makes it easy to wipe clean.
A lot of people experience some difficulties when looking to replace cooktops, but that is not the case with GE’s Fit guarantee. They’ll pay $100 if the buyer doesn’t get an exact fit for the replacement to their existing countertop.



Check prices and availability here

3. Frigidaire FGIC3666TB  36 Inch Induction Cooktop

Frigidaire FGIC3666TB  36" Induction Cooktop

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This is another well recommendable brand in the world of kitchen appliances. Frigidaire is a household name in the cooktop market, and this is another one of their excellent products. The Frigidaire Gallery 36″ Electric induction cooktop comes in a ravishing and appealing thin design that features a black ceramic surface with no frame, and the cooking areas are marked with crossed white lines.

It features five burners with high heating capacities. The 8″ burner at the center has a 2300W capacity (but can be boosted up to 3200W), the left front 6″ burner has a capacity of 1450W ( but can be boosted up to 2000W). The left rear 8″ burner has a capacity of 2300W (can also be boosted up to 3200W), the right front 10″ burner has the highest capacity of 2500W (can be boosted up to 3400W). Lastly, the right rear 7″ burner has a capacity of 1800W (which can be boosted up to (2600W).

Each of the heating elements has a hot surface indicator integrated into the display, showing if the surface is still hot after use.
The cooktop’s ceramic surface is effortless to wipe clean, the controls are easy to operate and also very easy to clean.



Check prices here

Empava 36 inch Power Boost

Kitchenaid KICU569XBL 36-Inch Induction Cooktop

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If you are looking for an induction cooktop with extreme heating capacity, capable of boiling water in under a minute and cooling down within the same minute, then this is your choice. The Kitchenaid KICU569XBL is a 5 burner induction cooktop designed specially to provide a perfect combination of speed and precision to give you excellent cooking experience.

It has 12 power levels, and the temperature can go as high as enough to sear scallops to perfection.

It has a bridge feature that allows you to convert two heating elements into one bigger heating element to accommodate bigger cookware and create space to accommodate smaller cookware.
It also has a performance boost feature with which you can exceed the maximum heat level for up to 10 minutes. This is useful for rush hour situations.

The digital touch controls are easy to operate and features a slider for selecting the preferred heat level. It also has three unique heat settings for low heat cooking; Melt, Hold and Simmer.

The unit also comes with the control lock for preventing unintended powering on and making it much easier to clean the glass surface.



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Do you have any questions on 36 inch induction cooktop? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll answer them or you can see our FAQ page.

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