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Best Toban Yaki Ceramic Grill Plates Reviewed

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Toban yaki is amazing to make at home. It lets you play with heat as no other cooking style can.

But with that comes the need to find the right cookware, because not all will be suitable.

In this article, I’ll take you through the top choices I’ve found over the years and why you should choose perhaps one over the other.

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Best toban yaki plates reviewed

Baut Collection Japanese style single serving toban yaki hot plate

Baut Collection Japanese Style Single Serving Toban Yaki Hot Plate

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The type of grill plate you use can really set your meal apart. There are several on the market, but we find this one to be superior.

The plate is 7.75” in diameter and 2.75” tall. It produces a single serving and is perfect for beef, chicken, fish, and other delicacies.

It comes with a lid that makes a great serving presentation and keeps food warm. It also comes with a wooden trivet, an iron handle, and a stove base.

It’s made of a quality aluminum alloy and has a fluorine coating. The base size is 3.5”, the lid is 5” in height and 7” in diameter, and the wooden trivet is 5.5”.

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Mishima toban

Mishima Toban

The Mishima toban is also recommended. The ceramic plate is made with Japanese mineral-rich clay deposits. It’s durable and heat resistant.

It provides high-temperature dry heat that’ll allow you to get the perfect sear without a mess.

It’s great for grilling enthusiasts and is a terrific way to prepare grilled meats and vegetables from the comfort of your home!

Toiro toban with handles

The Toiro toban with handles is another favorite:

Toiro toban with handles

This piece of ceramic cookware can serve as a skillet or a shallow pot. It provides excellent heat retention and an effect similar to glowing charcoal to heat food evenly.

And it’s made of an Iga-clay material that’s great for holding up at high temperatures.

It doesn’t need to be seasoned by making porridge in it; the Toiro toban is ready to go as is. It’ll provide the perfect cook for your food every time!

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Check out our new cookbook

Bitemybun's family recipes with complete meal planner and recipe guide.

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