Best Toban Yaki Recipes

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Toban yaki is delicious and you may have seen it at a restaurant recently and now want to start making your own, but it actually isn’t just one dish.

It’s a cooking style on a ceramic plate, and there are several dishes you can make in this way.

Here are my favorite toban yaki dishes:

Kobe beef toban yaki recipe
There are various recipes that you can make toban yaki style. Here's one that features a Kobe beef base.
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Grilled kobe beef toban yaki recipe
Mushroom Toban Yaki Recipe
Mushrooms are such good meat substitutes, and this dish is just full of them, all with different textures and flavors.
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Mushroom toban yaki recipe
Seafood Toban Yaki Recipe
Toban yaki is such a fun way to cook, but add seafood and a little Japanese togarashi spice, and it's a dish you won't be able to resist.
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There are a lot of variations you can make here, and basically, you can make anything in your toban, once you’ve bought a good one (reviews here).

It would be a shame not to use it more, although cooking a hamburger on the ceramic grill might seem a bit out of place.

I find that when I take out the plate and base, it gives me inspiration to make a fusion dish out of almost any type of meat I cook on it and I use spices and sauces like soy sauce way more often.

Have you ever experimented with a new type of cookware like this?

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