Can A Baby Eat Miso Paste? What Parents Should Know

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Parents are beginning to introduce their babies to different foods at a young age because it helps to avoid having a picky eater on their hands when that baby gets older.

This is a great idea to broaden your infant’s taste buds so they don’t turn out to be a child who will only eat chicken nuggets for dinner.

However not every healthy food is safe to introduce to a baby.

Can a baby eat miso paste

While miso paste is a great source of protein and vitamins B and K, it is not recommended to give to a baby. Miso paste is very high in sodium, and it’s too high for your baby’s small body. Feeding a baby miso paste could lead to hypernatremia which could cause all sorts of health problems for them.

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This could affect their body’s water balance which could then lead to muscle spasms, increased heart rate, coma, and even brain damage.

For these reasons, you should not introduce your baby to miso paste.

However, if you do you should wait until after their first birthday and only serve small portions. Introducing them to miso paste also means that you will need to monitor the sodium levels in the other foods they are eating.

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