Dashi to miso paste ratio

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  December 16, 2020
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Food connoisseurs, especially those who love Japanese flavors, can attest to the fact that having a perfect proportion of dashi to miso paste is vital to the making of miso soup. Having a balanced ratio would in turn ensure a balanced flavor that would send your taste buds singing with joy.

Dashi is available in the markets in various different forms. The stock can be made by mixing boiled up dried seaweed (kelp) and fish (typically a dried bonito) or by using dashi granules. The different forms of dashi prove how it differs in its concentration, thus the required ratio depends on its strength.

Moreover, there are also different types of miso available that have various flavor profiles. Where red miso is strong and salty, yellow miso is creamy and sweet.

Dashi to miso paste ratio

The perfect ratio of dashi to miso paste depends on your personal preferences, as some people like their stock to be strong, thus use a concentrated amount of dashi and stronger miso, but the most commonly used ratio of dashi to miso paste is using two teaspoons of dashi granules to three tablespoons of miso paste. 

It helps to discover the perfect ratio for yourself to ensure the flavors sing every time you attempt a dashi and miso paste dish!

Bon appetit!

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