How much miso paste per cup of water? Try this perfect balance

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  November 15, 2020

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One of the primary ingredients for miso soup is miso paste. The miso paste is arguably one of the most important parts of the soup, but how much paste should you use when making miso soup?

Use too little miso paste and your soup will be bland. Use too much miso paste and the taste will overpower the rest of the ingredients.

How much miso paste per cup of water

How much miso paste per cup of water?

The amount of paste you need per cup of water will depend on how strong you want the miso soup to be along with how much miso soup you are making.  A good balance is to have three tablespoons of miso paste per four cups of water, that’s about three tablespoons of miso paste for two people.

Or if you are making a smaller batch, one and a half tablespoons per 2 cups of water will also be a good balance.  One serving of miso soup will have a ratio of three-quarters of a tablespoon to one cup of water.

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What’s the serving size for miso soup?

The typical amount of miso soup you eat per serving will vary but it is usually around half a cup to a full cup.  Miso soup is usually served as an appetizer, so it is often served in small portions.

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