Is There Such Thing as too Much Dashi?

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  December 16, 2020
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Miso Soup is one of the most iconic Japanese dishes. It is very simple to make authentic miso soup if done correctly, especially with the right ingredients.

Sometimes it may be difficult to figure out how much dashi you may need for your dish, here is what you need to know!

Is that such a thing as too much dashi

How Much Dashi in the Soup?

If you are adding four cups of water for the soup, which is the typical amount, one tablespoon is more than plenty for the soup. This is the perfect amount to add a tasty impact of flavor to the soup.

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How Much Dashi per Person?

The average recipe makes about four cups of soup, which is a cup per person as this soup is not eaten in large amounts. Moreover, this would be a 1/4th of a tablespoon per person.

Time to Start Cooking!

Miso soup is easy to make in the kitchen with the right ingredients. Once you master the right proportions for the desired ingredients you can whip up any classic Japanese dish you desire.

A bit of dashi in the kitchen always goes a long way, especially when it comes to your miso soup.

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