Pinoy style Pork Afritada Recipe (Filipino Original)

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  August 23, 2020

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With Filipinos’ penchant for anything tasty, you can be sure that Filipinos can create a plethora of variations from alone, basic recipe. This is proven by Pork Afritada recipe.

Another product of the colonization, the recipe for Pork Afritada is similar to many others such as Menudo in that aside from the same basic ingredient which is Tomato Sauce.

Pork Afritada shares the same carrots, peas, potatoes, and red and green bell peppers as with the others.
Pork Afritada Recipe (Filipino Original)
Because of its savory taste, Pork Afritada is usually served in Philippine fiestas and parties with the number of people it could feed and with its taste.

However, though it may be a holiday fare, this recipe is very easy to cook dish, and the ingredients are also very easy to acquire.

Pork Afritada Recipe Preparation Tip

In getting the Pork, you can choose the meatiest parts such as the flank or the tenderloin so that it will get the most coverage from the tomato sauce.

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The potatoes act as extenders while the carrots provide the crunch since potatoes would tend to just blend itself into the taste of the dish.

The bell peppers, on the other hand, grounds the taste of the entire dish with its hint of spice as well as crunch.
Pork Afritada
Since the pork itself is already tender, you might want to put the vegetables last as it has the tendency to be very soft if put into the mix too soon.

However, if you like it to be as soft as the pork, then go ahead.

Rice will be the forever partner of the Pork Afritada recipe as the rice will seep the excess fat and sauce of this delicious dish.

Eat with moderation though as you don’t want to pack carbs because of having another cupful (or two) of rice.

pork afritada recipe (pinoy original)
Aside from this Pork Afritada Recipe, You can also try our Chicken Afritada recipe which is also posted here on our website. See This Chicken Afritada Recipe.

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