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The Best Teppanyaki Hot Plate | Top 7 reviewed

People visit Benihana Japanese restaurants for their great food, but also for the added entertainment value. Basically, all Japanese chefs are masters in the ancient art of teppanyaki grilling, and they’ve perfected it over the centuries.

Nowadays it’s often mixed with grills, but teppanyaki grills continue to be something very unique and specific to their cuisine. However, it doesn’t just involve the grill itself but also the techniques and styles used to cook.

Literally speaking, teppanyaki stands for “grilled iron plate” in Japanese, but it’s actually so much more than just a simple iron plate. First of all, it’s a solid and flat griddle, unlike a hibachi or traditional barbecue grills.

And unlike the last two that use charcoal for heat, teppanyaki grills use a propane flame. Guests can sit around the teppan chef, so he or she can wow and amuse everyone with their fantastic grilling and flipping skills.

Starting as a dining style mostly for Japanese families, teppanyaki grilling grabbed the attention of America about 200 years ago, making its way and becoming a fascinating aspect for diners to this day. Most Japanese steakhouses rely on teppan chefs to attract crowds for both the amazing flavor of their Japanese-style meals and also their showmanship.

Now imagine being able to have your very own teppanyaki grill at home so you can channel your Benihana in the privacy and comfort of your own home. It’s simple but not any grill will do. That’s why we took the time to analyze the best teppanyaki grills that you can buy.

My personal favorite is the My Hibachi BBQ – Flat Top Teppanyaki Griddle since it provides the full teppanyaki experience that will make you feel just like a real teppan chef.

Read on to find out if this one is also the one for you or if you’ll be better off with one of our other options.

ModelBest forImages
My Hibachi BBQ – Flat Top Teppanyaki GriddleAll in one Teppanyaki griddle that will not only make your meals great but it’s also amazing to showcase your skills. Our personal favorite since it’s more authentic.MY hibachi bbq all in one grill table
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Portable Electric Teppanyaki GrillThe best choice for portability and versatility since it’s electric and the dual handles make it super easy to carry.Portable-electric-teppanyaki-table-grill
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CHEFJOY – Electric Teppanyaki Table Top GrillThe best option for beginners since it’s easy to use and clean up, and includes many accessories to get you started.Chefjoy-teppanyaki-grill-for-your-table
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My Hibachi BBQ – Flat Top Teppanyaki Griddle

If you truly want to get that teppan chef experience, this is the only option out there: the 3-in-1 sit around flat top teppanyaki griddle by My Hibachi BBQ. You just need to take one look at it to know that it has everything you’ll need. It’s simply the best!

MY hibachi bbq all in one grill table
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With it you get one of the top teppanyaki grills out on the market, but also a great griddle that becomes the center of attention just like at a real Japanese restaurant. Its chairs and the tabletop fold out and provide seating and the perfect place to dine around the grill. And since it’s heated with propane, it’s the closest thing we’ve found to “at home” authenticity.

And not only do you get the change to practice your teppanyaki skills, but this grill also converts into a BBQ grill and a hibachi grill depending on what you feel like cooking at the moment. Truly a great buy for the best experience out there.

It has a 27″ X 20″ Flat top griddle, 26″ X 19″ BBQ rack and 17″ X 12″ Cast iron stove top 10 mm thick, both made out of stainless steel. And the dual cast iron burner is 40,000 BTU.

If this is just too expensive for your particular needs or you simply don’t need something so extravagant, keep on reading to find our other options.

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Portable Electric Teppanyaki Table Grill

If you just love Teppanyaki grills and can’t bear the idea of going camping or attending a friend’s party without teppanyaki experience, then this might just be the one for you. It lets you create fantastic and cozy grilled deliciousness without the hassle.

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Since it’s electric powered, you can take easily use it indoors or take it outdoors. It uses 1,200 watts and features an adjustable thermostat. You can also cook on the grill plate or on the burners. It also has two handles that make it really easy to carry.

It also features a non-stick cooking surface that makes clean up a breeze. Additionally, the large grease pan means that you won’t have to spend hours of your time scraping the grill after you’re done using it. This is our top pick if you’re looking for portability and versatility.

You can buy it here on Amazon

CHEFJOY -Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill

Next up we have the ideal grill for those who aren’t really looking to become a teppan chef at Benihana but still want to have a high-quality teppanyaki grill to work on. Look no further than the Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill from Chefjoy.

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It’s also perfect for beginners since it includes many accessories that will let you prepare various types of treats. It includes two non-stick egg rings so you can make perfectly round eggs. It also has a large grease tray that can catch any meat drippings and it comes with six wooden spatulas.

Every teppanyaki grill should have large cooking are so you can prep multiple meals. This one delivers that and more since it’s 35” by 9” big and its non-stick surface is extremely easy to clean up. You’ll just need to pass a damp cloth on it after cooking and you’re done.

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Preeyawadee – Non-stick Electric Barbecue Grill

If you’re planning to entertain large groups of people you’ll also need a large teppanyaki grill. That’s exactly what the Preeyawadee Non-stick Electric Barbecue Grill/Teppanyaki Griddle has to offer.

This grill or plate is larger than your typical indoor grill but it’s also incredibly lightweight. It’s very easy to cook on it and the heating tube makes sure that heat is distributed evenly across its surface.

The sloping design lets grease easily slide down to one side and the non-stick surface makes clean up a breeze. It can also double as a smokeless frying pan or a barbecue grill.

Regardless of how you wish to use yours, you’re in to have a great time either at a simple dinner barbecue in the middle of winter or for more complicated events and affairs.

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Costzon – Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill

eggs being cooked in a griddle

One of our all-time favorites is the indoor/outdoor 35” Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill from Costzon. It features a super large surface that will let you easily feed the whole family in a single cook with its fantastic griddle. It’s perfect as a way to entertain others.

It also features five heat settings so you can cook many types of food such as meats, fried food, fish and veggies. Enjoy healthier meals, even on camping trips or beach cookouts by letting the grease slide off into the removable slide-out tray.

You can also easily transport it by using the temperature controlled handles and place it anywhere thanks to its anti-slip foot pads. On top of that, it has two non-stick egg rings and six spatulas so you can enjoy an authentic Japanese dining experience. You can a good teppanyaki experience at a more affordable cost than our preferred choice.

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Netsc19 -Electric Teppanyaki Table Top

This amazing grill by Netsc19 definitely had the most intriguing design out of the bunch since the tilted design lets you cook at different temperatures across the grill. The raised edges help keep food securely on the surface.

Netsc19 tabletop teppanyaki grill
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To make space for the raised edges, the surface is wider so you have more cooking space. It also has cool touch handles so you don’t burn yourself while transporting it or if you simply want to adjust it while it’s already on.

You can easily cook anything on it since its non-stick surface can handle both fried foods and vegetables without any difference while also being able to cook fish and meat that remains juicy and moist.

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Homesweet – Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill

This grill is able to feed the whole tablet, it’s none other than Homesweet’s Teppanyaki Table Top Grill. You’ll be amazed at how long the grill plate is in order to accommodate many different types of food at the same time. Easily place your veggies in one row and your fish on another one. Efficient and elegant.

The plate itself is about an inch thick and can retain a lot of heat, which is great since this electric grill can handle a pretty good heat for great teppanyaki results. It also has temperature controls that you can adjust to make cooking various plates super simple.

It also has six wooden spatulas and the two egg rings to complete the set. Its non-slip padding can help keep the legs in place so you can chop and flip without any worries. It’s great to entertain guests so you won’t have to cook up multiple batches before being able to join in on the fun.

It’s amazingly inexpensive here on Amazon

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