Top Ramen vs Maruchan: Which one is better? The final verdict!

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Instant ramen is part of every broke college student’s diet. But the odds are, you’ve had instant noodles at some point in your life.

But you probably didn’t think much about the differences in brands.

They all look the same, so shouldn’t they taste the same?

However, that’s not the case at all! In fact, Top Ramen is usually the preferred brand for many, as is Maruchan.

Here’s everything broken down.

Top Ramen vs Maruchan | Which one is better? Final verdict

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Nissin Top Ramen

Top Ramen vs Maruchan | Which one is better? Final verdict Nissin Top Ramen Noodle soup

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Top Ramen is part of a Japanese company called Nissin.

If you’re going to eat their most popular flavor (which is chicken), then there are 380 calories in the package. However, there’s quite a bit of sodium too; 1,820 mg to be exact.

You can find these classic, instant meals in any grocery store or online here on Amazon.


Making Top Ramen is pretty simple. Start by boiling 2 cups of hot water, add the noodle block, then mix in the flavor packet when it’s cooked.

The whole process takes very little time, so you can be eating almost immediately!


Taste is the most crucial part of every meal. Top Ramen’s chicken flavor is creamy and has plenty of herbs. There’s a good amount of flavor here.

The soup tastes like chicken and includes onion powder and soy protein for more flavoring. You can even taste some vegetables in the soup!

Many people feel that Top Ramen has excellent quality noodles. When cooked properly, they aren’t mushy or too chewy.

Many people love the “bounce” the noodles have when you pull them from your bowl. The noodles absorb the soup’s flavor well too.

Overall, there’s a lot to love about a classic bowl of Top Ramen!

Nissin Cup Noodles

Top Ramen vs Maruchan | Which one is better? Final verdict Nissin Cup Noodles

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Next, let’s compare Nissin’s chicken-flavored cup ramen. It’s different in taste and preparation compared to the classic packages we usually see.


For the cup noodles, get boiling water, then pour it into the styrofoam cup. After 3 minutes (and your soup cools down), it’s ready to eat! The process is still straightforward.


There are some dried veggies in the cup noodles, but not many.

The noodles absorb most of the liquid; this option is better for anyone who doesn’t want as much soup. The broth is very salty but still has a classic chicken flavor.

Many people prefer the packaged noodles over cup noodles. These noodles are thinner and hold less flavor than the packaged ones. Still, they’re a great option!

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Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup

Top Ramen vs Maruchan | Which one is better? Final verdict Maruchan ramen noodle soup

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An American-based company owns Maruchan. This brand is very popular and has its goods in most grocery stores today.

Their chicken flavor noodles also come with 380 calories in the package, but 1,660 mg of sodium instead. While slightly less than Top Ramen, this is still a ton of salt.

This ramen brand is also cheap, and many people keep packs of them in their pantries.

The Maruchan ramen noodle packages are much more popular than the cup ones.

If you’re buying ramen, then you’re most likely to run into the chicken flavor from Maruchan.


You make Maruchan ramen in the same way. You boil your 2 cups of water, let the noodles cook, and then add your seasoning packet. The process is the same: fast and simple.


Where the 2 differ the most is taste. Maruchan has bouncy noodles too, but they’re a bit chewier.

The soup is also good, but comes across as very oily. It also tastes saltier and has minimal flavor. There’s no taste of herbs or seasonings either.

Still, Maruchan offers another classic bowl of ramen. As a bonus, they’re cheap and fast to make.

Maruchan Instant Lunch

Top Ramen vs Maruchan | Which one is better? Final verdict Maruchan instant lunch

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If you prefer cup noodles, Maruchan also offers a chicken flavor. They’re very similar to Top Ramen’s option.

You get a styrofoam cup containing dry noodles, veggies, and powdered flavoring. Their noodles are also very thin and stringy.


You make Maruchan’s cup ramen in the same way. Simply add boiling water to the cup for 3 minutes, stir it, and wait for the food to cool down.


Maruchan’s cup noodles are a lot drier than Top Ramen’s noodles, even after being fully cooked. The soup is not as salty but still could use more of the chicken flavor.

The noodles also absorb most of the liquid, leaving very little soup in the cup. Maruchan does also give you more dehydrated vegetables than Top Ramen.

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Our final verdict

While you can prepare both of these instant noodle packs in the same way, Top Ramen has a better flavor and stands out as the better of the two.

Its flavor is creamier and has more hints of seasoning. Plus, the broth tastes more like chicken, and it’s less oily than Maruchan’s soup.

Their noodles are also bouncier and taste better, and have an enhanced consistency. Plus, they absorb the flavor better.

Still, if you love ramen, then both options are good!

Have you ever heard someone say, “there’s no such thing as bad pizza”? The same idea applies to instant ramen noodles. Both have great taste!

Also, both options are cheap and fast; you can eat them whenever you’re craving a relaxed meal.

These 2 brands have plenty of flavors for you to choose from. Plus, you can also add your own seasonings at home to make your own unique bowl of ramen.

Many people like to add meat, eggs, herbs, and cheese to theirs. You can get very creative with instant noodles! But for now, try making this 12-minute instant ramen with egg for a fast & easy meal.

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