What type of cabbage do you use in Okonomiyaki? [top 4]

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Who doesn’t love to devour tasty foods first thing in the morning? And it’s a bonus if it’s actually healthy. This is where Okonomiyaki takes the spotlight.

This healthy Japanese recipe for cabbage pancakes has become a breakfast essential for many.

Okonomiyaki exactly translates to “as you like it,” so the recipe can be whatever you want it to. This attribute is what led to them being called “Japanese Pizzas.”

What type of cabbage do you use for okonomiyaki

You can customize any ingredient however you want, and today, we’ll be discussing changes in the core ingredient, cabbage.

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Types of Cabbage in Okonomiyaki

Today we’ll be reviewing four essential cabbage types that you can use to add some change to your regular Okonomiyaki recipes.

While the classic Napa cabbage remains the crowned champion, these alternatives can give your taste buds a refined experience!

Napa Cabbage

Starting with the king of all cabbages for Okonomiyakis, the Napa cabbage. Commonly referred to as the “Chinese Cabbage,”Napa gives a fresh and crunchy feel to the pancake while maintaining a tender bite.

The flavor is relatively mild, giving you the chance to experiment with other seasonings and sauces. The leaves are pretty absorbent of all flavors, which makes this an excellent option for kimchi and kimchi-based pancakes.

Overall, Napa cabbage allows for a versatile taste and a crunchy yet tender

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Green Cabbage

Green cabbage is the most accessible choice for anyone, and itsversatile nature makes for a fantastic plate of Okonomiyaki.

This moisture-rich vegetable gives you the traditional sweet cabbage flavor while maintaining the cabbage’s refreshing crunchy qualities.

So, this cabbage choice will give a mild crunch while maintaining itself as a good base for the Okonomiyaki itself.

Red Cabbage

Similar in texture to the green cabbage, red cabbages add a little twist of sweet red tang to your normal Okonomiyakis.

The red seeps in to create a beautiful pink hue, while the additional sweet crunch from the cabbage adds a fun touch to the pancake base.

Savoy Cabbage

This is one of the most delicate cabbage types. It’s thin and crunchy nature is what adds another dimension of flavor and texture to the pancake.

Try slicing it thinly to add a smoother feel to the pancake while maintaining that signature cabbage crunch.


While Okonomiyakis are amazing the way they are, venturing with new types of cabbages can add another layer of flavor and texture that will enhance your existing recipes.

Happy cooking!

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