Which Ramen Broth is best for Beginners?

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  December 15, 2020

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Ramen broth is a delicious thing to have especially after a long day. There are four different kinds of ramen broth available which beginners can choose to have.

If you’re new to the world of ramen broth, this guide will help you cast off your confusion! Here are the four types of ramen broth explained for beginners.

Which ramen broth is best for beginners


Shio is one of the best known and oldest kinds of ramen broth. It has a distinct saltiness that is generally classified as the typical ramen broth, and is one of the types that are the most readily available. It is a simple broth that has a light color and is typically enjoyed by beginners for its non-experimental taste.

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This particular ramen broth is based in soy sauce. The soy sauce used is of a special kind with particular ‘additional’ ingredients. Makers of this broth use a sauce made from fermented soya beans in the place of salt. Shoyu ramen is a clear broth, but has a distinctly dark color. It is also known in particular for its taste is tinged with a sweetness that isn’t present in Shio ramen broth.

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Since this ramen broth does not make the use of pork, and is the only kind of broth of the kind. This makes this ramen broth a preferable option for beginners who prefer broth without meat.


Miso paste brings to ramen broth a savory kind of flavor, which might be endearing to beginners who are familiar with the taste.

Miso ramen broth is not typically a clear broth like Shio and Shoyu, who have a far more complex taste than miso based ramen broth. Beginners usually find that the strong taste of miso does not immediately appeal to their tastes.


Tonkotsu isn’t technically considered a true ramen broth flavor, however its striking taste can’t be ignored or sidelined. It is a very rich broth that is colored white, and is made of thoroughly boiled pork bones. It’s incredibly strong flavor is an acquired taste, and does not generally appeal to the larger populations.

If you are a beginner, it is thus a better idea that you explore other ramen broth options before coming to Tonkotsu.


Ramen broth is a real treat, but a bad choice as a beginner might leave you with a (literally) bad taste in your mouth. So it is a great idea to start with a safe ramen broth such as Shio to familiarize yourself with Japanese tastes before trying others.

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