Will ramen help an upset stomach?

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  December 15, 2020

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An upset stomach is an experience that everyone has at some point in their life, and when you are experiencing you typically want to find a way to soothe it.

The first thing you may think to try is eating something, but what will help you with your upset stomach? For example, will ramen help an upset stomach?

Will ramen help an upset stomach

Unhealthy and unhelpful

In short, no. Unless you are suffering from a sodium deficiency, it is very unlikely that eating ramen is going to help your stomach feel any better.

With the number of carbs that are packed into ramen, it is far more likely that it will either make you feel worse or will cause you to puke it back up.

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Whether it is due to a virus, food poisoning, or any other reason your stomach needs time to recover. Heavy foods will not help with that.

Not even the rice noodles in a bowl of pho will help your stomach. You are better off just sticking with clear liquids and easily digestible foods until your stomach is feeling better.

Save the ramen for when you are feeling better and can keep food down, as it isn’t going to help your stomach while it is recovering from whatever made you feel sick.

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