11 Best Recipes With Calamansi

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Do you have some calamansi but don’t know what to do with it?

Calamansi has a distinct sour and tangy taste and is used to add flavor to many dishes. Some dishes just use it to give it a little sourness, but I have a few recipes I’ll share with you where it really stands out so you can make the best use of its flavor.

If you’re looking for some delicious recipes that use calamansi, look no further. I’ve gathered some of the best ones so you can try them out at home.

Best recipes with calamansi

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Top 11 recipes with calamansi

Bangus sisig

Bangus sisig recipe
This Bangus Sisig recipe is easy to cook and very scrumptious to eat. Normally, the milkfish come steamed or fried then debone and flake marinade with soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper and can be prepared and served in a warm plate if a sizzling plate is not available.
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Bangus Sisig Recipe

Sisig is definitely one of Pinoy’s favorite dish or mostly eaten as “Pulutan” for drinking sprees and different kind of occasions.

We have a lot of Sisig varieties and the most common of it is the sizzling “Pork Sisig” but some of us tried to avoid eating this type of sisig as much as possible because the primary ingredient is pork which is high in cholesterol.

Fortunately, we can still enjoy our sisig without so much fat-like substance by using Bangus. This Bangus Sisig recipe is easy to cook and very scrumptious to eat.

Pata hamonado

Pata hamonado recipe
Serve while still hot and with heaps of steaming white rice. Be careful about eating too much, though.
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Pata Hamonado Recipe

In many Filipino celebrations, especially in the provinces, it is not unusual to see poultry and cattle being slaughtered for its meat.

And being the unwasteful Filipinos that we are, we make sure that we can make use of all of the parts of the animal for food.

And by everything, we mean everything from head to foot.

Bistek tagalog

Bistek tagalog recipe (Filipino Beef Steak)
Bistek Tagalog Recipe or simply “Bistek” is not really a rip-off of the popular Western dish beef steak. It is prepared and cooked differently.
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Bistek Tagalog Recipe

It uses Four simple ingredients— pork or beef, onion rings, calamansi juice, and soy sauce.

The sourness of the calamansi juice and the saltiness of the soy sauce just make the perfect blend of flavors for bistek.

The slices of meat are pounded using a pork mallet or the back of a knife.

The pounding helps in tenderizing the pork or beef slices and also aids in the absorption of flavor and helps in cooking the meat faster.

One of the key elements of this dish is the onion ring slices. Large white onions are used and not the red shallots.

Camaron rebosado

Camaron rebosado recipe (overflowed shrimp)
Camaron Rebosado recipe is one of those Filipino dishes which admittedly looks like a fusion of different cuisines: Spanish because of its name, Japanese because of the way the dish looks, and Chinese because of the dip.
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Camaron Rebosado Recipe (Citrus Battered Shrimp)

Though at first look, you would think that we got our inspiration for this Camaron Rebosado recipe from the Japanese, a possible inspiration for this dish is actually the Gambas Rebozadas of the Spanish.

However, the latter uses saffron powder instead of the flour that we use for our Camaron Rebosado.

We also assimilated the dish in that we marinade first the shrimp with Filipino lemon or lemon before frying.

As for the dip, being influenced by the Chinese, it is recommended that one uses the sweet and sour dip although mayonnaise with heaps of chopped garlic, soy sauce with chopped onions, or ketchup can also be served as dips.

Filipino marinated pork barbecue

Filipino marinated pork barbecue recipe
The Marinated Filipino Chicken Barbecue Recipe (Pork BBQ) is one of the best Barbecue Recipe in the world, and also famous for its Marinating ingredient. Check below for the best Pork Barbecue Recipe
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How to Marinate Pork Barbecue

Pork Barbecue is also a staple among street food vendors. You would normally see every street and corner selling barbecued foods in all forms and sizes.

The secret in achieving the moist and tender pork Barbecue is to marinate the pork slices into the marinade mixture with calamansi for at least 12 hours or overnight inside the chiller.

Kinilaw na isda

Kinilaw na isda recipe (fish ceviche)
This kinilaw na isda recipe (fish ceviche) is another Filipino delicacy and is usually served as an appetizer or pulutan.
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Kinilaw na Isda Recipe (Fish Ceviche)

Preparing this Filipino food is so easy that even a child can do it. One of the secrets to preparing this dish lies in having the freshest fish cut into cubes.

But do you know who’s the best person to prepare this type of dish? Well, it’s not the chefs in fine restaurants or even locals; it’s the Filipino dads who are about to get drunk on any special occasion!

This kinilaw na isda recipe is really special. Some people even call kinilaw “the Philippine’s answer to Japan’s sushi”. As I said, this cooking doesn’t involve cooking over a fire.

Instead, it’s the vinegar that’ll “cook” the fish meat by soaking for over 10 minutes. The acid content of the vinegar will make fish meat nontransparent, giving it the look and texture of cooked fish.

Filipino beef mechado

Filipino beef mechado recipe
Beef mechado, together with Afritada, Pochero, and Menudo, is another tomato-based recipe. The oiliness of the beef, the sweetness, and sourness of the tomato sauce.
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Beef Mechado Recipe

The oiliness of the beef, the sweetness, and sourness of the tomato sauce, the extension that the potatoes and carrot provide added with the contrasting taste of the red and green bell peppers with sour calamansi juice make this beef mechado recipe turn into scrumptious viand for lunch and dinner meals.

Crispy Filipino bagnet

Crispy Filipino bagnet recipe with bagoong alamang tomato dip
The best way to eat these is to devour the bagnet and the tomato-onion side dish using your bare hands.
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Crispy Filipino Bagnet Recipe

You can find a quality piece of pork belly at the butcher shop. Quality will get you far in this recipe to get a very, very tasty bagnet.

The other thing is the dip you serve along with it.

Bagnet as traditionally eaten in Ilocos is served with hot steamed rice. But what’s even more satisfying than hot steamed rice is sliced ripe tomatoes, chopped red onions, and citrusy bagoong alamang (or shrimp paste) from the calamansi.

Pork sisig with chicken liver

Pork sisig with chicken liver recipe (sizzling pork sisig)
Pork sisig is a glorious pork dish recipe that's a staple “pulutan” among Filipinos. It's a well-known dish from the province of Pampanga.
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Pork Sisig Recipe (Sizzling Pork Sisig)

Pork sisig is a glorious pork dish recipe that’s a staple “pulutan” among Filipinos.

“Pulutan” is a Filipino term that refers to any dish eaten when drinking alcoholic beverages. Pork sisig is a well-known dish from the province of Pampanga.

The most common alcoholic beverage that is partnered with sisig is an ice-cold beer. The earthy flavor of the beer tends to balance the richness of this dish.

It’s hard to explain what this dish tastes like until you try it. The savory mixture of pork and chicken offal is quite unique and the rich texture will have you digging your fork into the meat for more.

If you like fatty pork comfort food, you’ll enjoy the addition of fresh and sour calamansi.

Chicken inasal

Chicken inasal recipe (original)
With the sudden boom of chicken inasal in Metro Manila, as started by that particular chicken inasal chain, who wouldn’t be familiar with chicken inasal? Its combo of chicken and unlimited rice at a very affordable price is irresistible!
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Having the hometown glory of Visayas, this chicken inasal recipe of chicken and special spices and calamansi sure has captivated the minds and taste buds of all Filipinos.

Lengua estofado

Lengua estofado recipe (ox tongue in tomato sauce)
Lengua Estofada (also called Lengua Estofado) is a mouth-watering dish made of ox tongue and ingredients such as mushrooms, carrots and potatoes.
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Lengua Estofado Recipe (Ox Tongue in Tomato Sauce)

The use of tomato sauce and calamansi is what makes Lengua Estofado recipe tasty as this is the base of all of the other ingredients.

It also melds well with the ox tongue as it seemingly absorbs the sauce.

As for the other ingredients, the potatoes and the mushroom (you have a choice of choosing whichever type of mushroom you want) act as extenders while the carrots provide the crunchiness and serve as a contrast against all the tenderness of the tongue, potatoes, and mushrooms.

Favorite recipes with calamansi

Best Recipes With Calamansi

Joost Nusselder
Calamansi is great in marinades, in stews or just eaten whole. Here's how you use it in the best recipes!
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Filipino
Servings 5 people


  • 1 small pineapple properly washed, peeled and sliced crosswise
  • 1 liter pineapple syrup extracted from boiling the peel
  • cup soy sauce
  • ¼ cup brown sugar or to taste
  • 2 medium “calamansi” or 1 lime or ½ lemon juice extracted
  • 5 cloves garlic crushed


Calamansi in a marinade

  • You can use calamansi as a marinade for pork pata with a mixture of the “calamansi” juice and 1/6 cup or ½ of the 1/3 cup soy sauce.
  • Flip the meat over several times for a uniform infusion of marinade. Then cook the pork.

Add calamansi to stew broth

  • You can add calamansi to your stew broth to give it a slight acidic taste. Just add the calamansi in the beginning of the cooking process so the flavors can fuse into the meat or fish and vegetables in the stew.

Pinch of calamansi

  • You can add a pinch of calamansi juice on top of your dish for a little extra sourness. This is used for pancit a lot, or add a little on top of your fish.

Calamansi eaten whole

  • You can even eeat calamansi whole. It has a great sweet and sour flavor that's not too strong and you can eat everything from the peel to the seeds.


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There are a lot of dishes that are made even better by the addition of calamansi. Either as wedges served on the side, or as sweet and sour juice to go into the marinade or broth.

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