Can miso paste be frozen? And can miso soup be frozen?

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Unfortunately, miso paste is hardly sold in small packs, so you may be wary of buying and taking a tub home to experiment with for cooking.

Yes, you can freeze miso paste and miso soup. It’s completely safe to freeze miso paste for longer storage periods, and you won’t lose out on any of the umami flavors of this amazing fermented soybean paste! You can freeze it for up to a year and the soup for up to 6 months.

Although it can be safely stored in the refrigerator after opening before it goes bad, miso paste may not last for as long as many people hope it will. So let’s look at everything you can do.

Can miso soup and miso paste be frozen

But what if someone tried to freeze miso paste to make it last longer instead? Can that be done?

As miso paste remains slightly malleable even after you’ve frozen it, you can always scoop out the right amount each time you want to use it in your cooking without having to thaw the entire tub out.

To freeze miso paste, you’ll simply have to place it in an airtight container, and it would keep well for up to a year.

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Can you freeze miso soup?

So, let’s say you’ve used up most of the miso paste to make a large batch of miso soup ahead of time. Can that be frozen too?

The good news is that none of your soup will be going down the drain because miso soup can also be frozen, albeit for a shorter time than in its paste form.

When kept in an airtight container and sealed with a proper lid, your miso soup will keep well in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Like most foods, however, your container will likely expand during storage and cause a freezer burn layer on your miso soup.

To avoid this, it’s always best to use a large container and leave an inch of headspace so your freezer-safe container can expand accordingly.

If you’re looking to use portions of miso paste and miso soup in your cooking, a great way to prepare ahead is by portioning the miso with the right amount of water into ice cube trays and freezing them in a freezer-safe bag.

This allows you to grab the right amount of miso paste or miso soup each time, without having to thaw the entire container and re-freeze it later.

This also avoids the chances of your miso products going bad. It’s an unlikely occurrence, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Freeze miso safely

Now that you know that miso paste and miso soup can be frozen safely, clear some space in your freezer! You’ll have plenty of miso paste and soup to use in the future when you want some on a whim.

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