How much ramen broth per person when serving ramen?

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The key to making a good ramen dish is all about balance. You need to ensure that you get the perfect balance of tare, broth, noodles, and toppings.

Once you have cracked the balance, then you are going to make awesome ramen each and every time.

One component that many people never seem to get quite right is the amount of ramen broth that should be added to the bowl (plus if you should drink the broth it or not!)

How much ramen broth per person

This is because there is no set amount that you should be adding.

The amount of broth served per person will be heavily dependent on the amount of tare that you are adding to the ramen dish.

Too much broth will water down the beautiful flavor of the tare, while too little broth will cause the tare taste to be far too overpowering.

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It is suggested that you aim for a 1:10 tare to broth ratio. So, for every 100ml of broth you add, you will be using 10ml of tare.

This will change ever so slightly if you are using miso, where it is likely the ratio is closer 1:9.

This is because miso has a bit less sodium content, and thus you do not need to ‘water it down’ quite so much with the broth.

If you are using a proper ramen bowl per person, then about half of that should be filled with ramen broth. The rest will be the noodles and any toppings that are being used.

Filling the bowl about halfway will ensure that the ‘flavor punch’ is there, but the noodles are not drowned and thus won’t become soggy too quickly.

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