NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop review

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This single burner model from Nuwave is a very interesting and equally efficient cooktop. Just suitable for people who want or need a portable single burner cooktop with 10-15 heating options. The NuWave PIC lives up to its name; it comes with a much higher level of precision in its temperature settings, giving users superior control for recipes that require a precise amount of heat.


This cooktop is an excellent choice for professional gourmet chefs or ordinary home cooks who want more temperature control than what the average induction cooktop can offer. It also has a memory feature where you can program in and store complex food preparation procedures for future use.

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Standout Features


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Precision Control

Most induction cooktops in the market are only able to provide a basic level of temperature control that allows you to select within a limited range of temperature levels. However, this cooktop is not one of those “usual” cooktops. It features a very accurate temperature control mechanism that allows users to select precise temperature levels.

It features 52 temperature settings, which is extremely huge for a single burner induction cooktop (most offer only 15). While this may not mean much to the casual cook, this is something any gourmet chef will definitely appreciate. The overall temperature range is also broad, which means you can cook at a much higher and lower temp than you can with other induction cooktops.

Program in Your Favorite Recipes

Sometimes, it can be a bit of a hassle to have to punch in the temperature setting required for the recipe you want to prepare. Especially if it’s a sophisticated setting, and you will still have to do it all over next time you want to make the same recipe.

Won’t you appreciate it if there’s a way for you to save in those settings on the cooktop? Next time you want to prepare the same recipe, you straight to pick the saved configuration and Boom. The Nuwave Precision cooktop has an internal storage feature that allows you to do just that.

Technique and Temperature

This Precision induction cooktop makes cooking an enjoyable experience, especially for professionals who love and enjoy the art. The cooktop compliments technics, and coupled with its precise temperature control features, it gives overwhelming results. The precise temperature setting is also easy to control so you can get your settings right with ease.

Wider Temp Range

This highly efficient cooktop also offers a broader temperature range, more than most induction cooktops can offer. It provides 52 temperature ranges, which can be adjusted with 5 degrees increments. This is way better than the 15 temperature ranges offered by many other induction cooktops.

Making candy has never been easier with this cooktop, you can regulate the melting temperature with high precision such that the chocolate doesn’t burn and your candies come out perfect. There have been stories of people making yogurt with the cooktop.

Automatic Shut-off

We have all been in situations where we must have put on the cooker or some other electric heating appliance and then forgotten all about it, or we had to attend to something else quickly and forgot to pull the plug before going out of the kitchen.

The automatic shut-off feature is made for such situations. The cooktop shuts off automatically if no cookware is placed on it within 20 seconds of operation. So you can attend to whatever may be distracting you without worrying about burning anything. It also prevents users from accidentally leaving the cooktop on for a very long time.


  • Apart from the outstanding features, you also get some free stuff as part of the purchase package. You get an induction compatible frying pan, a cookbook, and an instructional DVD.
  • The 52 power levels with 5-degree increments are incredibly useful for chefs and other kitchen pros.
  • There has been a lot of positive feedback about how incredibly quiet this cooktop is. Regardless of whichever temperature level selected, this cooktop goes about its business quietly.
  • The cooktop can be used to prepare all sorts of recipes requiring varying temperature levels.


  • The price is quite steep. Some other highly-performing cooktops cost much lesser
  • Some customers complained of quality control issues.

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