sushi vs maki

Sushi vs. Maki? What are the differences, or are they the same?

Have you ever tried Sushi? For those lately acquainted with the name, here have a brief insight into the dish which is of Japanese origin.

A lot of people ask, is Maki and Sushi the same? Sushi vs. Maki, what are the differences exactly?

If you’ve ever seen Sushi on the menu as well as Maki, just know that Maki is just one of the types of Sushi that you can order. Maki is the fish or vegetable with rice rolled in nori (seaweed). But there are other types of sushi besides maki.

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The recipe undergoes the use of vinegar rice for the preparation with added ingredients i.e., salt and sugar.

The meal usually accompanies plenty of other edibles like, often with some sugar and salt, attending a variety of ingredients like vegetables plus seafood. Even tropical fruits are used occasionally with it.

The garnishing is extensive with sushi, and the flavor is enhanced with the use of vinegar.

Sushi vs. Maki

This Japanese dish, Sushi made out of rice and is often confused with Maki. The ones who confuse it with maki should know that Maki is a variant or a kind of Sushi.

Another common name for it is rolled Sushi. Typically, when one aims at trying Japanese cuisine, the top of the list is Sushi. The variety of dishes are famous and have gained fame amongst visitors and general, all around the globe.

Well, let us clear the Sushi versus maki conflict. As stated earlier, Sushi is the main rice dish of Japan, maki, on the other hand, is a sushi type.

The former comes garnished with additives like seafood or with vinegar flavor and veggies served with it. Another exciting presentation of Sushi is as a roll inside nori, which happens to be a compressed well-dried sheet of seaweed.

The exciting fact presented by google is a name Hanya Yohei, who is the creator of Sushi. This famous dish of today was initially presented in Tokyo, which was known as Edo at that time.

The man behind this fantastic yet delicious creation is Hanaya Yohei. Soon after the development, it was named after Edomae Zushi finding its name in the name of fish from where it was taken.

This very fish used in the recipe was taken from Edomae or now known as Tokyo Bay.

What is in Sushi, how is it prepared?

Sushi is known for it’s easily prepared dishes. As the main ingredient, rice has a unique appearance that is short and sticky, as seen with Japanese grain.

The complementary components could be fish and can serve both as a topping or a filler. The flavor may be enhanced with addition can be added by the use of vinegar.

Sushi has gained acceptance all around the globe. This been cooked with raw fish at times and served with vinegar is one of the accepted flavors of times. Technically, it has two main parts: One is shari and another called neta.

The two components of Sushi are:

  • The cooked rice with vinegar is named as Shari.
  • On another hand, Nata describes all other ingredients completing the dish.
  • The word Sushi literally means sour taste and goes well with vinegar and fermented fish, used for preparing it.

Then what is in Maki?

Other types of maki sushi:sushi vs maki

The maki follows exactly the same recipe, like that seen with Sushi. But then why do we have a different name for it?

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So here lies the answer, maki comes in a wrapping which is sushi presented in nori.

Are there any variants of Maki?

Yes, various kinds and subdivisions of maki also, just like Sushi.
Some of them are listed below:

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  • First comes futomaki i.e., a thick and broad representation of maki or its presentation as fat rolls
  • Next is hosomaki, which is served as thin rolls
  • Temaki: a hand-rolled maki
  • Uramaki: which is inside-out roll presentation of maki

What are the other types for Maki and Sushi?

So the case with Sushi, several types are catered and presented all over the globe. It is not the end of the presentation of this Japanese dish made primarily out of rice.

They also come with a unique flavor, name, and presentation, making it a different class altogether.

  • Oshizushi: Also called pressed Sushi, it makes a shape of a square. The wooden frame pushes all ingredients as one
  • Chirashizushi: It is a bowl of vinegar rice, also called as shari that comes with fish on top. The fish is served raw and can be into slices and thin pieces.
  • Nigirizushi: Served as a mound of rice overlaid with wasabi that could be tuna, or salmon fish, etc. and is presented with a thin wrapping of nori.
  • Inarizushi: This is shari that comes packed in a pocket of tofu and well fried.
  • Makizushi: The fish and added ingredients are twisted into in shari and nori, with the use of bamboo mats and cut into pieces for its final presentation
  • Narezushi: This is a traditional representation of Sushi. Rice in combination with fish, i.e., reeled and skinned for a six-month fermentation with salt.

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