Best Bincho Grills | Where are they for and review of the top 3

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  May 31, 2020

Ever since the caveman invented fire, the art of roasting meat has continued to evolve.

Back in those days, the primary requirements were meat and fire and probably a sharp object to cut the meat.

However, in today’s society, the art of roasting meat has completely changed.

person grilling sausage and meat

BBQ enthusiasts have developed new technologies that have continued to improve the delicacies. Some of these new methods include new grills that have made grilling way easier, new recipes, and different sources of heat.

You can make some delicious dishes using Binchotan grilling from gourmet to some nice party foods.

This photo is from the original work ~Binchotan~ A Powerful Scent of Charcoal Grill. (Hot) Charbroiled Kinki Fish and Grilled Avocado with Marinated Vegetables. by City Foodsters on under cc.

The best Bincho grills reviewed

Today, manufacturers are not only developing portable grills but also grills with remarkable fuel efficiency. Japan is one of the places that have had a significant influence when it comes to grilling.

Here are the top Bincho grills you can buy today:

Fire Sense Large Yakitori Charcoal Grill

We start our list with the fire sense Large Yakitori Grill that is tailored to use Bincho charcoal. The grill is made using the traditional Japanese method. The manufacturer uses clay mold to make the exterior of the grills while its interior is made of ceramic. The idea behind the ceramic is that ceramic tends to distribute the heat evenly for better grilling experiences.

This fire sense grill comes with two ventilation doors which allow the user to control the heat. The grill is large, and it has a whole 157 inch of cooking space which is excellently tailored at the top for easier cooking. The large cooking surface fits right into the Yakitori cooking needs, and it gives users a chance to do many chicken skewers at a go.

For safety purposes, the manufacturer has ensured that the grill will clip into place right on top of the heat source. Using Binchotan charcoal for this type of grill means that your BBQ meals are well guaranteed to cook fast and with ease.

One of the downsides of the Fire Sense Large Yakitori Grill is that it is very fragile. The materials used to make it, especially the ceramic, means that this grill is not exactly safe for indoor use.

Manufacturer urges users to ensure that the grill does not get wet since it tends to break when it comes into contact with water frequently. This greatly hampers its quality and limits its usefulness. Besides that, this traditional-made Fire Sense grill is excellent for cooking not only Yakitori dishes but also many others.

The grill is made to control heat emitted, and binchotan charcoals are made to give high levels of heat, thus the giving the perfect combination.

The manufacturer is confident of his work, and this is why he gives customers a one- year user satisfaction guarantee.

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Charcoal Konro Grill with Net-Large

The manufacturer of this grill, Kaginushi, are renowned for their excellent skills in making quality grills. They make this grill using skilled workers who hand-fit the grill together. The workers join together the diatomite bricks to form a grill that is both strong and durable.

The Charcoal Konro Grill with Net-Large is crafted to be both strong and tight. Its manufacturer also noted that most of the heat emitted in previous grills used to
go to waste. This inspired them to make a grill that is more heat resistant.

The combination of the heat resistant materials and the use of bincho charcoals means that this grill has taken fuel efficiency to another level. The heat emitted is only used for grilling and wastages are significantly reduced. Additionally, the diatomite that is used in the grills has higher heat insulation capabilities, and this means that they burn longer than in other cookers. This grill has a large cooking area and can accommodate several huge chunks at a go.

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Hitachiya BBQ Charcoal Konro Grill

Another excellent bincho grill is the Hitachiya BBQ Charcoal Konro Grill that is made Diatomite stone. Hitachiya, the manufacturer of this grill, has ensured that the heat retention capabilities of this grill are high.

Hitachiya has gone with stripe metals across the grill, making more robust and durable. By combining UV rays and the heat from the binchotan charcoals, the manufacturer has come up with an amazing combination that gives users excellent heat.

Since the diatomite bricks used in this grill can lose their heat retention capabilities over time, the manufacturer has covered this in the construction of the grill. They pass the bricks through a hot furnace, usually of up to a thousand degrees which ensures that the bricks will not lose their thermal insulation capabilities in a very long time. Furthermore, passing the diatomite bricks will often lead to the grill lasting for a very long time.

Heat circulation is also another essential element to consider in any grill. The Hitachiya BBQ Charcoal Konro Grill has two windows, which ensures that the grill is well-ventilated. This grill is well crafted to ensure that the clients get good value for the money. The heat retention capabilities in this grill are exceptional, and users can expect to have remarkable fuel efficiency.

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What is Bincho charcoal?

Today, Japanese cuisines continue to gain popularity throughout the world with people not getting enough of these cuisines. Not only are people adapting Japanese methods of cooking, but they are also going for their equipment. Try searching for any kitchen equipment and Japanese made will be among the top searches.

Grills made in Japan (or inspired by Japanese) are gaining popularity across the globe. Chefs, both professional and home-based, are turning to this grills that are made to improve the cooking experience as well as saving on fuel. One such type of grill is the Bincho Grills.

This grill is built to perfection, and the main idea behind it is using the best and most effective fuel use.

This type of grill uses a particular type of fuel called binchotan charcoal. If you have been in the BBQ business for a while, then you have probably heard of it.

However, if you’ve just heard it for the first time, then don’t worry as we have you covered. This article will focus on everything Bincho, from definition to the bincho sushi.

As we had earlier stated, the Bincho is a type of special charcoal that is made using special Japanese trees. This type of charcoal is made to give excellent energy that makes BBQ easy and fast. The binchotan charcoal was first used in Japan in the 19TH century, but its popularity has continued to increase over the years. Bincho is now used in most parts of the globe with ‘cue lovers preferring it to other types of fuel.

This type of charcoal is hard, and it is made by burning the trees into hot flames before quickly cooling it. The end product is hard charcoal that gives a lot of heat. This type of charcoal is relatively hard to ignite, and it requires both skill and patience.

If you are wondering where you can get this type of charcoal, well, here is your answer. Bincho charcoals are well packaged from Japan, and you can order them when buying a new grill. If you just want to buy the charcoals only, you can get them online, and they come in beautiful packets. Another advantage of using this type of charcoal is the fact that it gives amazing aromas when it mixes with the juices dripping from the meat.

What is bincho sushi?

Bincho Sushi can simply be defined as a dish of rice that is served with a raw fish plus some vegetables. Different restaurants serve various types of sushi, and this is why you need to know the varieties before you can order.

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Once you have known this type of charcoals, it is probably time we get to know the best Bincho grills that you can get from the market. Just like any other type of grill, you need to consider a few things before buying one. One of the main things to consider is the quality of the material used, the cost, and its intended use. Here are a few of the best bincho grill:

person grilling meat, sausages, and some vegetables

Bottom Line

There you go, those are some of the best bincho grills in the market. The use of binchotan charcoals continues to marvel the BBQ world with users learning of their amazing capabilities.

The charcoal takes a while to light, which is understandable given how strong they are, but once they light, they emit very high temperatures. This makes grilling with them smooth and fast, and users can get good value for their money.

That’s not all, the charcoals have been now to produce a sweet aroma when it mixes with the juices from the meat. This leaves your BBQ kitchen smelling nice and the taste of your meat even better.

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Interestingly, the binchotan charcoals have been known to have other functions as well. Some people have been known to use them for therapeutic purposes, and some use them to warm houses during cold nights. However, it is essential to note that the charcoal emits carbon monoxide, which is very harmful to one’s health.

Besides that, this type of charcoal is an excellent addition to your BBQ kitchen, and users are guaranteed of seeing the value of their money with this charcoal.

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