The Five Best Teppanyaki Grills You Can Buy

It is possible to enjoy your favorite Japanese dish from the comfort of your own home. You can now satisfy your cravings by giving yourself a spoil in form of a teppanyaki dish. The results you will witness when you prepare your favorite steak or shrimp using a teppan (teppanyaki grill) will leave you anticipating for a next time.

A teppanyaki grill plate is made from iron a

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We love Teppanyaki ourselves and seeing as you’re here, I’m guessing you do too! We offer you a mixture of reviews of Teppanyaki grills and our favorite recipes. So, if you already own one in your home or if you want to see if these recipes are for you before you buy one, feel free to take a look at our recipes for inspiration. We’ve also added a section on reviews of the best Teppanyaki grills you can use at home if you feel like buying one and we have a large section on the advantages of cooking on a grill. But first, let’s get you hungry with our amazing recipes!

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10 Best Teppanyaki Restaurants in America


America is a land of culture- and it proudly embraces all the delicious cuisines that the world has to offer. For those of who you who are unfamiliar with the concept of Teppanyaki- it is basically a Japanese cuisine that uses iron griddle to cook food. Sushi is a favorite in this group. Teppanyaki is […]

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Two Recipes for Teppanyaki Sauce


Raise your hand if you ever wanted to try those grilled Japanese dishes that are made right in front of you on a grill and serve with mouthwatering flavoured sauce. Now we don’t have to go all the way to Japan or find a Japanese steakhouse to eat these dishes but, you can do these […]

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The Definition of Teppanyaki


Teppanyaki Defined Teppanyaki refers to a dish of veggies, fish, and meat that is prepared using a large griddle that is commonly built into the table of diners. The term teppanyaki comes from teppan, meaning iron plate, and yaki, meaning grilled, pan-fried, or broiled. Teppanyaki is considered a live kitchen cooking method, wherein the chef prepares the dish in […]

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What Makes Some Typical Teppanyaki Food?


Introduction Teppanyaki is a Japanese-style cuisine that utilizes an iron cooking device with a flat surface to cook food. Teppanyaki comes from the Japanese term teppan, meaning iron plate, and yaki, meaning pan-fried, grilled, or broiled. Therefore, the term teppanyaki literally translates to pan-frying, grilling, or broiling on an iron plate. In addition, teppanyaki is […]

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Teppanyaki or Plancha Grill

Teppanyaki Plancha grill plate

Grilling started after the domestication of fire around 500,000 years ago. This is a process of cooking food using a significant amount of direct dry heat that is usually situated below or above. This process is commonly used to cook vegetables and meat. Grilling is popular in several places all over the world, such as […]

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Vegetable Teppanyaki Recipe

vegetable teppanyaki recipe

Lightly Fried Japanese Vegetables Most people associate the word teppanyaki with Japanese and beef because teppanyaki beef is the most common of the dishes. However, the little known fact is that any dish that is prepared in a teppan can be referred to as teppanyaki.  This means that if you see anything getting cooked in […]

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Teppanyaki Grill for home

cooking at home with the teppanyaki grill

Now you can bring the style of Japanese Cuisine to your home with a mind-blowing invention – Teppanyaki Grill. Used worldwide by domestic cooks and chefs alike, the large cooking area of this Teppanyaki grill allows multiple ingredients to be cooked at the same time. Undoubtedly, this is useful for a variety of meals. It […]

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Japanese Teppanyaki Recipe

japanese teppanyaki recipe

Teppanyaki Recipe Anyone who is familiar with the Japanese style of cooking has probably heard of Teppanyaki. You can’t help but notice the sounds of food on iron pans when checking out the Japanese’s cooking. It is one of the many popular cooking styles in Japan and it involves grilling on an iron skillet. With the […]

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Seafood Teppanyaki Recipe

Seafood teppanyaki recipe

  Seafood teppanyaki is made from a mixture of seafood such as fish, mussels, squid, scallops, clam and any other available seafood. It involves seasoning with salt and pan grilling making it one of the easiest seafood meals to prepare. A teppan is the most preferred tool to be used in seafood teppanyaki but any […]

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